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The Yeezy Supply International Shipping FINALLY Explained! 

By July 14, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy Supply International Shipping Service - AIO BotWith Yeezy Day coming up around the corner, it’s about time we understand the Yeezy Supply international shipping system. How to buy Yeezys from Yeezy Supply worldwide? From overseas? Or, even from the North Pole? You name it! We’re here to break it down!

So, Yeezy releases are usually split into three parts: Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and other retailers. However, they are not equal parts! Most of the Yeezy stock goes to Kanye West’s own eCommerce website, Yeezy Supply. Some extremely hyped Yeezy releases are even exclusive to the YS website. Therefore, you can see where this could pose an issue to sneakerheads living outside the U.S.

Sneaker resellers, sneaker collectors, and other sneaker enthusiasts would all like to know how the Yeezy Supply international shipping works! Keep reading to find out more and check out the list below for more Yeezy info.

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AIO Delivery Shipping_ - AIO Bot

How To Buy From Yeezy Supply Internationally?

This is a guide that will help you bypass the Yeezy Supply international shipping regulations. You see, believe it or not, there was a time when YS shipping worldwide. However, as of February 2017, YS announced via Yeezy Mafia on Twitter that they will no longer be shipping worldwide. This means that if you do not live in the United States, you can’t buy Yeezys on Yeezy Supply! 

Well, not the conventional way!
It takes a few more steps than you would like. But, it is all worth it in the end! So, how can you buy from Yeezy Supply internationally?

Use a reshipping service aka a shipping forwarding service!

Buy from YS Internationally Using Reshipping Services!

AIO Delivery Shipping_ - AIO BotSo, the best solution to play around with the Yeezy Supply international shipping rules is using a shipping forwarding service. There are companies that receive packages on your behalf and then forward it to you – no matter where you are. These are also known as freight forwarding services that you can use to buy Yeezys on Yeezy Supply. And, you can use this service to buy international items wherever you are! 

How to buy Yeezys from Yeezy Supply internationally?
– Choose a reshipping service online
– Register an account and receive your U.S.-based address
– Use the address for your deliveries
– Finally, the reshipping service automatically forwards them to your real, physical address

Best Yeezy Supply Reshipping Services

A tax-free U.S. address in Nashua with no sign-up fees. And, you get free 45 days of storage in their warehouse. It comes with express shipping to 200+ countries!

A tax-free U.S. address in Oregon, Austria, and California with up to 90 days of free storage. Also, they offer shipping worldwide to 220 countries!

Yeezy Supply International Shipping 1 - AIO Bot

Another way to go around the Yeezy Supply international shipping limitations is using Finishfast services. You get a free U.S. address upon free registration with 220 supported countries.

One of the oldest and most reliable reshipping services out there. You get a tax-free U.S. address in Florida and a U.K. address too!
You get 30-day free package storage and
worldwide shipping!

Finally, there’s Reship that offers addresses in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. with 30 days of free storage. Worldwide shipping except to 14 countries including Algeria, North Korea, and Yemen.  

The Final Limitation

Worldwide_Shipping - AIO Bot

So, after we’ve finally explained the Yeezy Supply international shipping limitation, you might find another problem… Actually being able to reach the point of payment information! In short, buying Yeezys online is not easy whether you are a U.S. resident or not – not without a sneaker bot

BUT, luckily for you, the #1 Yeezy Bot of the industry – AIO Bot – just rolled out its newest version! AIO Bot V3 is guaranteed to conquer the sneaker industry and especially Yeezy Supply! So, to make sure you hit all the spots, click on the button below to learn more about AIO Bot!