What Is Yeezy Supply & How to Buy the All-New Yeezys On There

By October 9, 2020September 18th, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

What Is Yeezy Supply and How to Cop - AIO BotYeezy sneakers & Yeezy Supply are a swirling vortex of hype that isn’t as complicated as you might think! Most of us owe it to cosmic fashion brands for revolutionizing the sneaker game back in ‘09.

Here’s how the sneaker tale goes! A few years back, Nike Air Yeezy sprouted wings and competed against the timeless Jordan brand! It was a whole new experience of ‘Ye trying to box out the Jumpman! Before Yeezy, it was all about Jordans and the wildest Dunks – rulers of the aftermarket.

Nike shoes basically kept the whole supply & demand chain in cycle mode. But, what gave Yeezys this gigantic boost? (See what we did there?) It all came down to sneaker reselling. Raiding Yeezy Supply and then hitting the aftermarket. Reselling gained popularity the more social media platforms grew – it was hectic! Everyone wanted a pair of their favorite celeb’s kicks! 

That’s what gave Yeezys the market boost that Jordans never had. From celebrity news to social media hype to multi-million dollars. Yeezy swallowed the market with all of his strangest marketing schemes

This created a huge wave in the botting industry! Everyone wanted to get a bot, figure out how to buy sneakers online, and make a TON of money. Yeezus had all the top bots of the game busy trying to cop – including our very own AIO Bot, AKA the OG Yeezy Bot! AIO Bot built a reputation as the best bot for sale to cop Yeezys. Click below to learn more about it.

buttonThe Yeezy Quality!

Yeezy Supply - Yeezy Day 2021 - AIO Bot - Yeezy RestockWhen Kanye West left Nike for Adidas in 2015, Adidas Yeezy changed the course of sneaker copping and reselling FOREVER. Whether you’re a sneakerhead veteran or someone who couldn’t sit out on a major Yeezy Supply hit; everyone HAD to cop Yeezys. If you didn’t cop Yeezys, there was no way you’d ever make it as a sneaker reseller.

It was all about how to increase your copping powers, pulling storefront all-nighters, and scraping up whatever life-savings you had left to buy a pair. Yeezys that retailed for $200+ dollars were reselling for over $2,000! It was a CRAZY time for the entire industry! And although the Yeezy hype has considerably slowed down as a result of sneaker restocks and excessive availability, everybody who is anybody still wants them! We’re even waiting for Yeezy day to cop more restock – sounds like some toxic relationship.

Kanye rules the spotlight as a sneaker designer while being a walking contradiction at the same time. And, regardless of all that’s going down, ‘Ye still is the KING of the game. 

So naturally, we’re here to target the first and BEST place to cop Yeezys online: Yeezy Supply. Because although Yeezy sneakers are likely to drop on Adidas and even Shopify sites, copping off Yeezy Supply is a life-long skill set that you’ll regret not having sooner. It’s the go-to place for buying all things Yeezy online.

What Is Yeezy Supply?

Yeezy Supply - AIO BotWelcome to the world of Kanye West! May the odds be ever in your favor, fam!

For those of you who don’t know, the Yeezy Supply website is the official e-commerce platform of Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. It was established back in 2015 by our man ‘Ye to increase the Yeezy supply. No joke. The man has a vision in which every person in the world owns at least a pair of Yeezy – completely accessible to all! 

Hence, the name, Yeezy Supply. This puts Kanye’s “Yeezys for all” brand mission back in focus. By creating a Yeezy site under his ownership, Kanye has gained more control over stock and restock opportunities. This ultimately meant less money for resellers and more money in his pocket. So, unless you had an exclusive membership into Yeezy’s billionaire club, then you probably missed out on some serious cash!

On Yeezy Supply, you can purchase Kanye’s latest footwear and apparel releases. And although you can almost always find items to purchase off Yeezy Supply, it’s Adidas Yeezy sneakers we care most about. AIO Bot is much older than the line of Yeezy sneakers, so we’re proud to say that we’ve been copping Yeezys from the start. We’ve been tracing the hype from the beginning and successfully copping thousands of limited pairs off of Yeezy Supply and other places!

Why Go For Yeezy Supply?

Black Yeezys Sneakers Releases - AIO BotSo, if Yeezy sneakers drop on many sites, what makes Yeezy Supply stand out? Usually, Yeezy Supply drops the BIGGEST CHUNK of the Yeezy stock – with Kanye being the lord marketeer. So, if you’re aiming to score multiple pairs per drop, this is the site you’ll want to head to. Plus, there’s always a great joy in receiving your package straight from Yeezy’s HQ! 

So, how do you buy sneakers from Yeezy Supply?

With the right sneaker bot, right proxies, and the right server; copping off Yeezy Supply is a piece of cake! Just make sure you know when Yeezys drop on the site, and you’re all set.

The daunting part of copping off this site is Kanye West. The toxic reviews and customer complaints also had their fair share in plaguing the platform. But, with Kanye West planning to introduce a 3D shopping experience to Yeezy Supply soon, it’s likely to outperform other retail sites. That is if it works. This is Kanye we’re talking about – always aiming for Mars.

One downfall to buying Yeezys from Yeezy Supply is that they stopped shipping overseas anywhere outside the US a while ago. This means you’ll need to subscribe to a parcel forwarding service if you live abroad. But if you’re a US resident, your delivery access puts you in a spotless position!

What Do You Need?

Sneaker_Bots for Sale - AIO BotYeezy bots or sneaker bots that excel at copping Yeezys are easy to spot – you can’t not flex a success SO BIG! But, when it comes to Yeezy Supply, copping isn’t always so easy. Yeezy Supply was first hosted on Shopify, making it an easy target for the top Shopify bots

But, this era ended not so long ago. And with Yeezy Supply joining Adidas, it became a Demandware-hosted website. The transition from Shopify to Demandware caused some technical difficulties. Slowly but surely, sneaker bots like AIO Bot got the hang of it and went back to copping on Yeezy Supply.

In addition to a reliable sneaker bot, you’ll be needing the usual set of proxies and servers. A good set of proxies will mask your identity and allow you to cop multiple pairs without the risk of being banned. You’ve got three choices of proxies to choose from: residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. You gotta see which ones suit your budget, copping needs, and how bad you want the Yeezy. Check out this guide on Yeezy Supply proxies!

Whereas a good server ensures speedy connection and smooth information access. So, you’ll pretty much need a good combination of proxies and servers to efficiently use your sneaker bot. And since speed is of the essence with copping on Yeezy Supply, benefiting from a sneaker server with your proxies will double and triple your chances of getting those Yeezys first. 

So, if you’ve got your bot and proxies covered, all that’s left for you to do is fill in your billing and shipping information. Do that and you’re all set. For the complete guide to copping Yeezys, we recommend that you check this link.

Not Into It?

The truth is, not all Yeezy fans are invested enough to put in the time and money into copping Yeezys. Especially not with a sneaker bot that needs to be proxy-fed and updated at a cost every now and then. 

Sometimes, buyers might even prefer buying a pair of Yeezys on resale sites for extra than opt for the whirlpool of copping them at retail. And, by the looks of Yeezy values on resale, we’d even call the alternative more promising and less exhausting – with most Yeezys selling at or below retail prices. That’s what popular sites like StockX and GOAT have helped us realize. 

So, don’t feel bad if you don’t selflessly commit to your bot every time a Yeezy is about to drop. But, just in case a hyped drop is about to change the resale course all over again, you’ll have AIO Bot to thank. Try that on for size!