Yeezy Supply: A 7-Question Guide to All Yeezy Releases!

If you take our sneakerhead quiz and find out that you are in fact a Yeezy sneakerhead… You’re going to need full knowledge of Kanye West’s website for Yeezys: Yeezy Supply.

Yeezys are one of the most popular sneakers in the world. So much so that they’ve even jumped out of the Jumpman! All the best retailers in the world provide sneakerheads a chance to cop Yeezys at retail – especially Yeezy Supply. But, trying to cop at retail of a website like YS might not be the easiest feat. So, keep reading to find out exactly how to do that!

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#1 What Is Yeezy Supply?

Question 1: What is Yeezy Supply?
Yeezy Supply is the official e-commerce platform that Kanye West created for his brand. Therefore, Kanye owns Yeezy Supply. Ye established the website back in 2015 to increase the actual supply of Yeezys! Why? Because Ye envisioned a world where everyone owned at least 1 pair of Yeezy! His official brand mission is literally, “YEEZYS FOR ALL”.

Kanye West created the website under his ownership. And thus, he gained more control over stock and restock opportunities. This directly relates to the biggest restock day in history – Yeezy Day!

And, it just happens to be right around the corner! Yeezy Day is THE time and place to ace your YS copping game! So, keep reading for more!

#2 Is Yeezy Supply Legit?

Question 2: Is Yeezy Supply legit?
This is yet another question a lot of people have had on their minds for a while. YS is legit because it is the official website for Yeezy releases. The majority of the stock for a release or restock goes to YS and the Adidas CONFIRMED app. The remaining stock goes to other sneaker retailers like Foot sites, Shopify sites, and other local retailers. 

In 2018-2019, people had so many concerns that the Better Business Bureau had to investigate them. But, they came back with one clear answer: Yeezy Supply is 100% legit. 

#3 Yeezy Supply Twitter

Question 3: What is the Yeezy Supply Twitter?
The official Yeezy Supply Twitter does not exist. Any account posing as the legit YS Twitter account is probably a fake. However, the hashtag #yeezysupply is pretty popular. 

#4 What Time Does Yeezy Supply Drop?

Question 4: When does Yeezy Supply drop Yeezys? YS is a Demandware-hosted website that hosts its Yeezy releases at 9 AM EST. You can check out other retailers’ release times here.

#5 How Does Yeezy Supply Work?

Question 5: How does Yeezy Supply work? Typically, YS releases start with a timer of the upcoming Yeezy release. You want to be on the website at least five minutes before the drop. And then, you have to wait to get into the queue. This is where you will find what they call The Yeezy Supply Waiting Room – aka the splash page.

It is a literal virtual waiting room where people virtually enter during a release to ease the load. This prevents the site from crashing before you get to the checkout line. Entering and exiting the waiting room is completely random. 

PS – One thing you should know about the waiting room is that constant refreshing will definitely get you banned. However, there are ways around this where you don’t have to be stuck in a waiting room forever! Keep reading to find out!

#6 How to Buy on Yeezy Supply?

Question 6: How to buy on Yeezy Supply?
Although there are rumors about buying Yeezys on Yeezy Supply without a bot, we think it’s bull. Because, when you’re waiting for an hour in the Yeezy Supply waiting room, botters will have already bought the stock. Every Yeezy will be out of stock before you could leave the waiting room. So, you have to take matters into your own hands and use a savage sneaker bot!

One of THE best sneaker bots with a reputation for being a Yeezy Bot is none other than AIO Bot! AKA the bot eating up the entire YS stock! It is the all-in-one bot that was here right from the start! It is the oldest and longstanding bot in the game that has seen it all. If you use AIO Bot, you wouldn’t have to worry about the waiting room ever again. Especially with its unlimited task feature! The bot will be in and out of waiting rooms over a thousand times and within seconds copping multiple Yeezys! Click on the button below to check it out for yourself!

Of course, the perfect copping equation depends on more than just a reliable sneaker bot. You need your usual sneaker copping checklist to be more efficient. This includes:
– Getting a good set of proxies perfect for YS
– Renting a fast sneaker server
– Choosing the right number of sneaker tasks

Also, if you want to do this the right way, you can check out our complete sneaker copping cheat sheet here. In short, it has everything you need to become a sneaker copping MASTER. You wouldn’t ever have to worry about waiting rooms or OOS pages ever again!

#7 How Does Yeezy Supply Ship Yeezys?

Question 7: How does Yeezy Supply ship Yeezys?
So, the YS shipping policy is a pretty standard one that usually takes 3-5 days… But, only if you live IN the United States. As of February 2017, YS stopped shipping Yeezy abroad! However, there are always ways around this. So, if you live abroad and wanna find a way to buy Yeezys online, check out this guide here!

Finally, you’ve become a Yeezy Supply copping master! You now know the ins and outs of Kanye West’s website and how to cop Yeezys on it! All you need now is to get to copping. But, although Yeezy reselling is a lucrative business, it might not be for everyone. 

So, for other online money-making options, you can try, check out our free NFT hub or RETAIL hub. They’re totally free, MEGA informative, and 100% guaranteed to make you money in no time! Check them out now!

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