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Yeezy vs Jordan: Retail, Resale, Stock Values, and Beyond!

By August 10, 2023Jordan, Yeezy

AIO Bot - Yeezy vs JordanYour ultimate Yeezy vs Jordan sneaker smackdown is here! 

So, Kanye West has been through ups and downs more than Dogecoin itself. But when it comes to the sneaker world, he’d built a billion-dollar sneaker empire in collaboration with Adidas. Which all came crashing down, all thanks to his bluntness

And speaking of the Three Stripes’ best partnership, what about Nike’s greatest collaborator of all time? Well, Michael Jordan’s sneaker line belongs to the first pages of sneaker history books. The duo’s partnership began in 1984, and now they’ve got 37 models, with a 38th on the way. And still, their relationship is going stronger than ever! 

Now, just like we’ve got a checks over stripes debate, we’ve also got the Yeezy vs Jordan dispute that should be settled once and for all today! Well, you see, every one of you might settle this debate differently. It’s a subjective matter because it all goes back to what suits your tastes (and feet) more. 

Yeezy vs Jordan

Yeezys vs Jordans: Retail Prices

Yeezys vs Jordans - Retail Price RangeSo, what do you do after seeing a post on social media about an awesome sneaker you’d like to cop? Naturally, you’d check the retail price. And, the fewer the digits, the better. We all love copping sneakers, BUT we also really love our kidneys. And we’d prefer it if we didn’t have to sell a kidney to buy a sneaker. 

Therefore, retail price plays a giant role. The odds are, you won’t find a Yeezy under 200$ unless it’s a Powerphase or you’re copping kids’ sneakers. It’s a known fact that Yeezys are more expensive than Jordans. How? Well, we got 15 different models and the retail price for each model is fixed unless Adidas announces a change. On the other hand, Jordan has 38 different models. And that gives sneakerheads more options to choose from and a wider price range.

  • Retail Price Range of Adidas Yeezys: $60 – $585
  • Retail Price Range of Air Jordans: $140 – $225
Out-of-Stock Syndrome: How Many L’s Can Y’all Take?

You gotta keep in mind that, to even consider the retail prices in the first place, you gotta assume you’re actually able to COP AT RETAIL

So basically, if you’re a sneakerhead, you know that the sneakerhead life comes with a lot of tears and MONEY! You didn’t choose the sneakerhead life, it chose you. And so, you have to deal with a lot of L’s. It’s just how it is. Well, unless you got a powerful sneaker bot!

It’s a risky business. You’ve probably cried over a couple of Grands you lost while trying to cop. No shame, we have been there. And now that Adidas are on their second Yeezy sale post-breakup, can you imagine how big the demand is? But nothing is impossible when you’ve got one of the best sneaker bots with you! So, click on the button below for a full list of them! 

button_learn-moreYeezy vs Jordan: Most Valuable Sneaker

Yeezy vs Jordan - Most Valuable SneakerSneakerheads cop the best sneakers to wear them, right? Wrong. They cop in BULK: one for themselves and others for flipping. Smart. But, if you want to be a reseller, you gotta play your sneaker cards right. You need to invest in the RIGHT sneaker.

So, which sneaker flips for more? Well, to make the game fair, we referred to StockX to check how well Yeezys and Jordans are doing on resale platforms. And we’ve done that by referring to their price premium. Also, it would only be fair if we picked an Air Jordan collab that dropped in 2023 to compare with the most valuable Yeezy dropping this year as well. 

Because you know, it doesn’t make sense to compare the classic Chicagos that dropped years ago with the Yeezy slides, which dropped a year back. This said, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Olive (Price Premium: 451%) is doing way better on resale than the Yeezy Boost Pirate Black (price premium: 133%). 

You see, this is the current state of the resale market. Adidas Yeezys are still dropping and life is all rainbows and sunshine. But you all do know Adidas won’t be selling Yeezys again after the stock runs out, don’t you? Know what that means? This could mean that history could be repeating itself, and the Adidas Yeezys might become as valuable as Nike Yeezys. So, make sure you know which Yeezy to hold on to and which to give up for some cash on the resale market!

Adidas Yeezy vs Air Jordan: Highest Sneaker Sale 

Air Jordans vs Adidas Yeezys - Highest Sneaker SaleYeezy vs Jordan? Let’s let the people speak. The reason people pay lots of money to buy sneakers is that they actually want them. Like, they’re in high demand. This means that people were asking for them to drop, people wanted them. And we want them too! 

And although we had tons of hyped sneakers that dropped this year, one sneaker really stood out. The most hyped and demanded footwear of the year is actually the Onyx Yeezy Slide. Previously released at the Donda 2 listening event, the Yeezy Slide Onyx dropped in March 2022 and retailed for $60. 

They dropped again with Ye’s first sale on May 31st, 2023. And now we’ve got more than 87,224 pairs sold till now. In contrast, only 35,025 pairs of the Jordan 3 White Cement have been sold on StockX thus far. 

We love Air Jordans, and we’re always down for a new AJ drop. But, the numbers have spoken. Yeezys win this round! 

Adidas vs Nike: Stock Volume 

Adidas vs Nike - Stock VolumeHere’s the thing. Market share-wise, Nike has always been way ahead of Adidas. And Jordan Brand is the main contributor to this success. Nike’s market share is nearly twofold Adidas’. This being said, you can expect Nike to have more stockholders than Adidas.

Put differently, Nike’s demand for stocks is higher than that of Adidas’. Particularly after Adidas terminated their partnership with Adidas. In fact, investors sued the Three Stripes for that. So with that, the Adidas stock value took a nosedive. But after Adidas made the wise decision of bringing Ye back to cut back on their losses, their stocks have been doing better than before. 

However, this doesn’t deny the fact that the average volume for Nike’s stock is way higher than Adidas’. Closing at $109.69 today, Nike’s average stock volume amounts to $8,357,640. As for Adidas, their average stock volume on August 9, 2023, amounted to $53,337, while the previous close was worth $96.70. So, Nike (or Jordan Brand) clearly wins this round in the Yeezy vs Jordan trial. 

But with Yeezy gone for good from Adidas, which will be happening soon, what happens with the brand’s overall value? How will they fill such a gap? Or will another sneaker brand take their place as the second-valuable sneaker brand, following Nike? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Adidas have got up their sleeves, or if they’ve got anything at all! 

The Verdict 

So… What’s the verdict in the Yeezy vs Jordan trial? Did Kanye West jump over the Jumpman? A definite NO. Maybe he would’ve if his partnership with Adidas was still a thing… But you know, maybe Ye has a Plan B. Keep in mind that he hosted a secret Yeezy show shortly before joining the Three Stripes again. So, maybe he’ll rebuild his brand when the Yeezy stock runs out? 

Now, although it might be team checks over stripes with the current circumstances, you could totally cop ‘em both. The more sneakers the merrier! Because at the end of the day, both of them still got other epic sneaker collaborations that are making resellers heaps of money on the aftermarket!