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Yeezy Boost Vs Air Jordan! Will Kanye Box Out The Jumpman?

By December 7, 2019September 1st, 2022Adidas, Nike

Over the years, Kanye built a billion-dollar sneaker empire that we know as the Yeezy line. It all started when West shook the sneaker industry with the legendary Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October. And, regardless of all the ups and downs, ‘Ye always comes back stronger than ever!
BUT, what about the Jumpman. His Airness! The Black Cat! The one and only, Michael Jordan. We all know MJ for his mad basketball skills, but we also for the AJ line of sneakers. Jordan and Nike go way back! They got history. Their partnership began in 1984, and now we got 34 models of AJs!
So, what’s it gonna be for you? Is it gonna be checks over stripes? Could Kanye box out the Jumpman right out of the sneaker game? You’re about to find out! We got Adidas vs Nike. The Air Jordan vs. the Yeezy Boost sneaker smackdown!

All for the Gram… Adidas vs Nike on Social Media

It’s all about the Gram. It’s all about the Tweets. Social Media makes you or breaks you. It’s just how things go nowadays. And, let’s just be real for a second, social media plays a HUGE role in the way a business goes, especially the sneaker culture. That’s how designers and artists build hype around their products. Get a celebrity to rock your sneakers and BOOM, instant hit. And Kanye is the KING of social media.
If we take a look at the most popular social media platforms, it’s a no-brainer that, for Adidas vs Nike, Adidas Originals is more active on Instagram and Twitter than the Jumpman. Michael Jordan doesn’t even own social media accounts. We don’t read his random outburst on Twitter but random outbursts sell! So, Adidas vs Nike on social media? Adidas Yeezy Boost wins this round.

Yeezy Boost vs Air Jordan - AIO Bot

Air Jordan or Yeezy Boost? How Much Money You Got?

So, what do you do after seeing a post on social media bout an awesome sneaker you’d like to cop? Naturally, you’d check the retail price. And, the less the digits, the better. We all love copping sneakers, BUT we also really love our kidneys. And we’d prefer it if we didn’t have to sell a kidney to buy a sneaker. So, retail price plays a giant role. The odds are, you won’t find a Yeezy under 200$ unless its a Powerphase or you’re copping kids sneakers. It’s a known fact that Yeezys are more expensive than Jordans. How? Well, we got 6 different models and the retail price for each model is fixed unless Adidas announces a change. On the other hand, Jordan has 34 different models. And that gives sneakerheads more options to choose from and a wider price range.

Adidas vs Nike Retail Prices:

Retail prices of Adidas Yeezy:                                                                            Retail price range of Air Jordans:
Yeezy Boost 350: 200 – 220$                                                                            Price range: 100 – 250$
Yeezy 500: 200$
The 700’s: 300$
Yeezy Boost 750: 350$
Yeezy 950: 585$
Powerphase: 120$
Keep in mind, that this is all assuming you could COP AT RETAIL! So, who wins this round? Could you pass us a Jordan, please?

Air Jordan vs Yeezy Boost - AIO Bot

Out-of-Stock Syndrome: How Many L’s Can You Take, Bruh?

If you’re a sneakerhead, you know that the sneakerhead life comes with a lot of tears and MONEY! You didn’t choose the sneakerhead life, it chose you. And so, you have to deal with a lot of L’s. It’s just how it is. Well, unless you got a powerful sneaker bot. It’s a risky business. You’ve probably cried over a couple of Grands you lost while trying to cop. No shame, we been there. If you’re trying to cop Yeezy Boost sneakers, the big fat L is a possibility. Well, other than drowning people in Creams, Yeezys are still considered limited. On the other sneaker, Jordans have decent stock numbers. They could drop a million pairs per release, and it would be normal. You can go on and buy a Jordan. So, Adidas vs. Nike on stock volume?

The ruler of the sneaker throne? Jordan.

Adidas vs. Nike Sneaker Stock Volume - AIO Bot

Need Some Cash? Flip the Air Jordan or the Yeezy Boost? 

Sneakerheads cop the best sneakers to wear them, right? Wrong. They cop two sneakers: one for themselves and another to flip. Smart. But, if you want to join the be a reseller, you gotta play your sneaker cards right. You gotta invest in the RIGHT sneaker. So, which sneaker flips for more? 
Now, we’ve agreed that Yeezys are more limited; and yes, Kanye does a pretty good job marketing them. If you see your favorite celeb in a  pair of Yeezys, you gonna want them. No matter how ugly they are. But, there are other sneakers that could make you more money! So, we checked how well Yeezy and Jordan are doing on StockX. Although, in terms of price premium, Yeezy percentages look better than Jordans. BUT, if you check again, you’d see that limited Jordans go for THOUSANDS and they have a price premium that’s insane. 

It’s a tie.  

Adidas vs. Nike - Resale Market

Crowd Favorite: The Sneaker in High Demand

Let’s let the people speak. The reason people pay lots of money to buy sneakers is that they actually want them. Like, they’re in high demand. This means that people were asking for them to drop, people wanted them. And we want them too! And although we had tons of hyped sneakers that dropped this year, one sneaker really stood out. The most hyped and demanded sneaker of the year is the  Adidas Yeezy Boost in Black which restocked on Black Friday. It first dropped on the 7th of June with a limited release. Of course. So, Adidas decided to do a restock because people were basically BEGGING for it with about 68,575 pairs sold!

We love Jordans, and we’re always down for a new AJ drop. But, the numbers have spoken. Adidas vs. Nike: Point Yeezy Boost.

Sneaker Sale - AIO Bot


So… What’s the verdict in the Adidas vs. Nike trial? Did Kanye West jump over the Jumpman? No. Does that mean that Nike now dominates the market? Also no. Adidas and Nike are huge sneaker brands that will both keep on growing probably. The same goes for Air Jordan and Yeezy Boost. We like’em too much. Maybe it’s checks over stripes for some, but you could totally cop ‘em both. The more sneakers the merrier! So, what sneaker are you copping for the holiday season? You gonna go for a Yeezy or a Jordan? Let us know if you’re Team Air Jordan or Team Yeezy Boost! 

Adidas vs. Nike THE VERDICT - AIO Bot