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Yeezy Waverunner 700: Watch the Waverunner 700s Hype Begin

By November 7, 2017July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezy Waverunner 700

After a summer of Yeezy hype going up and down, Yeezy 700 orders are finally getting shipping out as we speak! Fans who copped the Yeezy Waverunner 700 have already started showing off their fresh kicks on Instagram. Where did such a unique design come from? Why would Kanye drop such a big shoe? These were the questions of sneakerheads and young hypebeasts alike.

The Yeezy Waverunner 700 is an intense veer away from Kanye West’s history and classic designs like Yeezy Boost 350’s. They are anything but sleek. In fact, the Yeezy Waverunner 700 is intentionally bulky. Its colors are bland, and the design fits in with the new “dad shoes” trend. The inspiration is undoubtedly rooted in the latest fads in foot-fashion and fans were happy to run to Twitter and Instagram venting their frustrations.

Mr Rogers Meme

Son, it’s time we had a talk about coppin’ shoes.

It’s the mailman! My Yeezy 700’s are here!

Fans were at odds when the Yeezy Waverunner 700 was announced. Here was this monstrosity of a sneaker placed before them by a man they considered the son of God. Surely, this was some sort of cruel joke. But out of Kanye’s cruel summer came his beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Fans had stopped their bickering long enough to flock to their computer screens and do what they do best: cop Yeezys. The Waverunner 700s didn’t sell out quite as fast as other Yeezy models, but eventually, they did. Resale prices have fluctuated since that day, however, they can’t hold a candle to the other Yeezys.

Sneaker fans that worked so hard to cop their Yeezy Waverunner 700 were dying to get their hands on them. Little did they know, the Yeezy Waverunners would take months to arrive in the mail. The preorder price for the Yeezy Waverunner 700 was set at $300. Once sneakerheads secured their orders and finished bragging on social media, the wait was on. The first pair of the Yeezy Waverunner 700 was shipped exactly 2 months after the presale date.

Dad Shoe Design

The Yeezy Waverunner 700s’ design is clunky and simple. The sneaker has a bulky body with solid, primary color panels. The cushioned upper is constructed of grey cotton with a thin layer of

Yeezy Waverunner 700s

Snug as a bug.

mesh around the ankle; suede material swoops around the body for added support. The heavy cotton and mesh promotes breathability and comfort for extended periods of wear. The midsole is a hodgepodge of white and dark blue with orange splotches. The sole is composed of dark rubber and the insole is Ye’s patented Boost sole. The thick fluorescent yellow laces complete the sneaker.

It’s clear from the design that Kanye was going for maximum comfort when designing these sneakers. The flexible and highly durable material will serve sneakerheads for years when rocking these kicks. No creases, no fades, and thick soles that won’t quit. Seems legit.

Insta-fame for the Waverunner 700s

Checking out Instagram, we can see celebrities like Ben Baller rocking these awesome sneakers (we know, they ain’t much to look at; but don’t knock ’em until you try ’em). When Kim Kardashian released pics of the infant pairs, the internet was up at arms. They’re so cute! Maybe, just maybe, the celebrities and Instagram models promoting these sneakers will push the Yeezy Waverunner 700 into the ranks of legendary Yeezys. Hypebeasts are starting to agree, style is just as important as comfort. And these kicks are the epitome of comfort.

Zara, Zara Yeezy JockingZara sneakers vs yeezy waverunner 700

The fast-fashion mogul Zara has even jumped on board to catch the rising trend. We have reports of them releasing their own version of the Yeezy Waverunner 700. Zara’s rendition shows how iconic Kanye’s design skills have become. The Zara sneaker is a subtler color; it’s beige. The tonal colorway choice is reminiscent of past Yeezy Boost colorways. It’s a proven fan favorite. Zara’s design is just as bulky as Yeezy’s, with minor differences. 

But let’s give Zara a break! This wasn’t and will not be the only time a brand replicates a sneaker design. We’ve seen that with before. And even Kanye’s design inspiration are questionable at times. And let’s not forget the whole fake sneakers and custom sneakers industries that are ruining the game for us legit sneaker fans.

The Power of Influencers

This new trend of dad shoes has gone greater than viral – it’s officially an epidemic. Bulky sneakers and breathable material are the way to go. Oh! And sustainable fashion is a great deal now. Could get a bit pricey, but you can’t put a price on our love for planet earth!

Being so fresh, , and unique, the Waverunner 700s even made an appearance in Kanye’s latest zine for Calabasas 2.
And to date, we’ve gotten so many Yeezy 700 colorways, we lost count. But what we can count, is how much money you can make flipping 700’s. Not a lot!

[Updated 2019] In Terms of Resale

Moneywise, the Yeezy 700’s aren’t Kanye’s best creation. Excluding the Yeezy 700 V2 Static, there isn’t a Yeezy 700 that’s worth the pain. Not among the V1 or V2 colorways whatsoever. And that’s why the 700 Statics deserve a major shoutout for holding on and keeping a reselling profit of around 100%.

Resale prices for the Yeezy Waverunner 700 aren’t that high, but these sneakers are a status symbol. Once you flex them, you’re automatically an OG sneakerhead. But if you’re more into smoother silhouettes, we got 3 days for you that you just cannot miss.