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6 Ways To Get Yeezy Zebra Re-release Sneakers

By June 22, 2017July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

It’s that time of the year once again when Adidas and Kanye West are driving Yeezy fans crazy. This is due to them re-releasing the highly coveted Yeezy Zebra Boost 350 V2 sneakers. With so many people trying to get their hands on a pair of the original Adidas Yeezy Zebra kicks, the chances of getting a pair are close to impossible for most. Luckily, we have put together 6 ways to get

the Yeezy Zebra Boost re-release sneakers. These tips will show you what you can do in order to increase your chances to get a pair.

Harder Than Ever To Get A Pair of Yeezy Zebra Sneakers

The truth is that with every Yeezy Boost release, the chances for copping a pair, becomes harder. There are several factors why this is so. For one, Adidas is not making enough Yeezy Zebra sneakers to meet with the demands of the people. The lack of Yeezys available is all part of Adidas plans to make sure the sneakers don’t lose their value. Everyone knows that supply and demand is what makes a product more valuable. That contributes to the frenzy and makes the sneakers even more popular. You also have numerous celebrities posting photos of themselves wearing their new Yeezy Boost kicks. When fans see their favorite celebs doing this, they too want to emulate them.

Big Money In Re-selling Yeezys Kicks

Adidas Yeezy Zebra-min

When all is said and done, the end results are the buzz and craziness which these sneakers cause online and in the stores that sell them. In addition, there are countless of people out there who are buying the highly coveted shoes, to sell them for a profit. They know that there is a lot of money to be made from re-selling these shoes. These people will wait on line for days or use other methods to win a spot on queue when ordering online. The potential for profits when it comes to re-selling a pair of Yeezy Zebra are astronomical. Some people will pay up to $3,000 for a pair on sites such as eBay or Amazon. While a few may be able to afford them at this price, most average sneakerheads cannot.

The Best Ways To Get Your Pair of Yeezy Zebra

For those that just want to be able to get a pair of Yeezy kicks for the regular price, we hear you. The frustration experienced by die hard Yeezy addicts is quite huge. Even online you have millions of searches on how to get a pair of Yeezy boost 350. There are several other queries such as how to buy Yeezys online. The truth is that everyone who loves sneakers wants a pair of these kicks. Below, are some of the best ways for you to get your pair of Yeezy Zebra sneakers, without paying too much.

1. Buying Them Online

Most people that cop their Yeezy sneakers do so online. But being able to beat out all of the other users who are trying to buy them as well as you, can be difficult. There are some steps you can take when shopping for Yeezy kicks during online releases. Below, are the tips you should follow if you want to have a shot or better chance than others.

  • Visit the website doing the online release before the release.
  • For online releases, use your Gmail or Google accounts. 0
  • Limit yourself to one browser at a time.
  • No matter how slow the process may seem, NEVER refresh your page or close it. Or you’ll lose your spot in the queue and will have to start all over again.
  • To get a better chance, use different devices. You can get on using your family’s laptop or friend’s computer or tablet. Using a different device to log in will seem as if you are someone else. *** It’s very important to use different proxies when doing this step. If you use the same proxy, chances are you will get banned. ***
  • Perform a quick search to find out where the Adidas servers are located. You can use a VPN service to obtain an IP address or server that is near where the Adidas servers are.
  • Once the page for the Yeezy sneakers opens up, you must act quickly. Input the size of your sneakers and provide the captcha information as fast as possible.
  • In case you are shopping as a ‘guest,’ take advantage of the auto fills feature. This will work great when you checking out and providing your billing information. Plus, it will decrease the chances of you making any mistakes in spellings as well as avoid out-of-stock problems.
  • Be sure that you have all of your billing info filled out and that it is correct if you are using a regular account.

    Yeezy Zebra 1-min

  • In case you don’t have a fast internet connection or a slow computer, try using a server. Just be certain that the server are located near the Adidas servers. This will give you a greater chance at copping your Yeezy kicks.

Sites Doing Online:

2. Yeezy Supply Sign UpYeezy Boost Zebra-min

Believe it or not, there is a Yeezy Supply official website. The site was launched right after the pair of were released. Once people began to find out about the site, they all rushed to visit. That’s because the site has an online store which sells Yeezys as well. However, they have all been sold out since Yeezy heads snatched them all up. Still, you can sign up for free and this will give you an advantage over others. The Yeezy Supply website will send you emails on any exclusive news or releases. Plus, once they re-stock their online shelves, they will also send you a heads up. And if you sign up now, you also get an opportunity to win the coveted ‘Black’ pair of Yeezy sneakers.

3. Enter A Raffle

When you hear the word raffles and Yeezy combined, most people get angry. That’s because there are many raffles out there which take advantage of fans desperate to get a pair of Yeezy kicks. While many raffles are legit, some use 10 steps systems which make you do all kinds of things before you can actually enter. Others make you follow them, repost, retweet or use hashtags. Nonetheless, there are several raffles which you can enter to try and win your pair of Yeezys that don’t require too much jumping around.

We have put together a list of raffles you can enter without having to do too many crazy things. These are legitimate raffles that give you an opportunity to buy a pair of sneakers. All they ask from you is your email address.

Tips and Tricks For Better Chances On Winning Raffles

We have included the places which are offering raffles for Yeezy Zebra V2 sneakers. But, before you enter any of these , there are some tips and tricks you should know to help you have a greater chance at winning.

  • You can and should enter each and every raffle. You can enter multiple times as long as you use different email addresses when entering raffles. This will give you a greater chance to win. But if you do this, be sure to use a different proxy than the one you signed up with originally. Otherwise, you may end up getting banned.
  • Each time you enter using a different email, be certain that your billing info is also different from the other one. If not, they will know that it is the same person which has entered more than once and you may get banned. Again, make sure that you are using a different proxy less you get disqualified from the raffle.

Ends 6/24 @ 9:00 AM BST

Voo Store
Ends 6/23 @ 16:00 CET

Ends 6/22

Ends 6/24 @ 8:00 AM BST

Shoez Gallery
Ends 6/23 @ 12:00 GMT

Ends 6/24

Ends 6/24

@HBX on Instagram

In addition to all of these spots, there are also over 69 Finish Lines stores across the USA which will be doing in-store raffles. You can find out which store here to take part in their raffles. You have to download their app to get a chance to win a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra shoes.

4. Find Stores Selling Yeezy Boost V2 Zebra

Another way for sneakerheads and Yeezy addicts to try and cop a pair of the shoes is by knowing which stores will be selling them. Each year, Adidas releases an official list containing all of the retailers which will be selling the sneakers. This list is released by Adidas prior to every launch or re-release of the Yeezy V2 or any other shoes. There are many different types of stores on the list from all ranges and locations. The compilation will contain stores not just from the U.S., but also places from all over the world. They will include Paris and Hong Kong, as well as other countries.

The stores who are lucky enough to get these coveted Yeezy kicks are those Adidas has had a long-standing relationship with. Adidas also uses stores which are strategically located in different places. Lastly, big stores which sell a ton of regular Adidas shoes will also be added to the list.

Once you find out which stores are carrying them, be prepared to go nuts. That means having to wait in line for hours, if not days prior to the release of the Yeezy kicks. You may also have to put up with long queue lines on their websites while trying to get your name on their reserved list online. But, if you use a strategy, you may be able to get a pair of the .

5. Use Social Media

If all other forms of trying to get your pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra kicks have failed, try using social media. Go on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and pout. Be prepared to rant and cry on social media to see if someone will sell you a pair. Perhaps they may take pity on you and link you to someone they know who has a pair for sale. Some people have gotten lucky on social media when all other venues for getting a pair of Yeezy shoes failed.

6. Line Up Outside A Store

One of the ways people who want to get first dibs on products use is waiting outside of a store hours or days before. This happens when you see Apple release their latest phones or other items which sell out quickly such as sports events tickets. While this method is not for everyone, those that can do it, often get a pair of Yeezy sneakers. Of course, you may have to contend with bullies who try to bumrush the lines. You will also have to deal with the cold or heat, depending on the area you are located. But, if you have what it takes, then waiting in line in front of a store before the Yeezy Zebra are re-released is good option. Just be certain that the store has not sold out all of their stock before hand.

** As this article is being published, there are people already lined up outside of several stores. Outside of Area 51 in Wellington, there are lines of people already waiting. That means if you want to get a good chance of getting a pair of Yeezy kicks this way, you better get out there to those stores right away.

Download The Adidas App

Adidas has an app which it created specifically for the Yeezy sneakers. This app was made in order to handle any releases that have to do with Yeezy kicks. They began with the Yeezy Boost 750 and have been using it ever since for other releases. Make sure you download the official confirmed Adidas app though. With the app, you can gain reservations and other heads up pertaining to Yeezy news and releases. In addition to this, the Adidas Yeezy application will also connect you to retailers which will be selling the Yeezy V2 shoes. They include Finish Line, Champs and Foot Locker.

Final Tips On Ways To Get A Pair Of Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra

The steps mentioned above can help you get an advantage over those who are not aware of them when it comes to trying to cop a pair of Yeezys.

In the end, luck may play a bigger role than anything else in people trying to get a pair of Yeezy Zebra kicks. Of course those who are willing to sleep out all night in front of a store, will increase their chances. For the rest, use these tips to see if you can be one of the few lucky ones who gets a pair of the Yeezy Zebra sneakers.

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