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Is Yeezy Zebras 5th Restock in 3 Years Worth the Cop?!

By April 25, 2020July 15th, 2022Sneakers

YEEZY ZEBRAS FEATIs the fifth time the charm for the Yeezy Zebras?! Back in 2017, when Yeezy Zebra initially released on February 25, it sold exclusively on and YEEZY Supply. To build up the assumption of its super limited stock. Which caused plenty of hype around the high demand/low supply Yeezy chain. Every sneakerhead struggled to invest in a pair. And the rate of their popularity was mind-blowing! Then only three months later, they were re-released for the first time on June 24 (although haters denied that fact!). And that cost Yeezy some of the excitement it built around the no-longer limited 350 V2s. When we say excitement we’re talking Semi-Frozen Yellow. And by no-longer limited we mean the creams. If you’ve lost count, check the Yeezy Zebra release history. Which surely includes the Yeezy Deadstock Day release in August 2019!

Yeezy 350 V2 Releases in 2020

Yeezy Yeshaya [January 25] YEEZY ZEBRA YESHAYAAIO bot success!

Yeezy Marsh [February 1] YEEZY ZEBRA MARSHAIO bot success!

Yeezy Earth/Flax/Tail Light [February 22]YEEZY ZEBRA EARTH


 TAIL LIGHTAIO bot success!

Yeezy Desert Sage [March 14]  SAGEAIO bot success!

Yeezy Linen [April 18]  LINENAIO bot success!

Yeezy Cinder [March 21] Yeezy Cinder ReflectiveAIO bot success!

Yeezy Zyon [Summer] YEEZY ZEBRA ZYON

Yeezy Zebras Fifth Restock in 3 Years is Asia Exclusive!

Kanye West is so passionate about giving the people what they want that he approved to
Nike Yeezy Retro creations. And is now restocking Yeezy Zebra for the fifth time on June 27, 2020. Overdoing it with brand recognition or giving the people what they deserve? Up for you to decide. But this restock will be exclusive to Asia only. And we’re noticing that Yeezy is all for regional releases. With the regional 350s back in February. And the 700 MNVNs being copped at this moment with AIO bot! But regional releases are actually a pro to the whole sneaker community. Whether in reselling a rare pair overseas or finally copping a pair you’ve always wanted. Plus, sneakerheads out there have figured out how to cop Yeezys without regional luck! So you’re covered bud, wherever you are. 

Latest Updates on Yeezy Zebras

The fan-favorite Yeezy 350 will re-release for the fifth time in its authentic white base/zebra print colorway! With the “SPLY-350” branding on the midfoot in red. 

YEEZY Z1Re-release Date: June 27, 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: CP9654

Currently reselling in the $300-400 range on StockX and slightly more on GOAT within $300-500.  With an average resale value of $500 on Stadium Goods. You will most likely be able to cop this Yeezy on and YEEZY Supply. Keep posted for more Where to Buy updates!

Is Yeezy Zebras Fifth Restock Worth Copping?

The coronavirus impact on the sneaker industry and resale market pretty much leaves us in a grey area. This might even be Kanye’s way to help sneakerheads heal. Since this restock strategy would reduce these Yeezys resale value to the point where they’d be affordable to anyone and everyone. After retail! Maybe it really is for the people after all. Or to prove to resale sites that the Yeezy King can change the perception on Yeezy resale in a heartbeat! Bottomline, if you haven’t copped the Yeezy Zebras, now’s your chance. Kanye might just decide to stop at 5. Make sure to catch up on the upcoming Yeezy 380s also dropping this Summer!

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