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How to Cop the New Yeezy Zyon [Proxies & Bots]

By June 2, 2020June 27th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

YEEZY ZYON AIO FEATThe Yeezy Boost 350 V2 line is officially non-ending. Yeezy Zebra is restocking for the fifth time in three years on June 27. And so far, 2020 has witnessed and AIO bot successfully copped 8 new Yeezy 350 colorways. Among them the bold Yeezy Cinder and the regional Yeezy trio. Summer is stocking up on hype sneakers. We’ve recently copped the hottest Nikes like the Jordan 13 Flint and the Travis Scott Air Max 270 React. And we’re ready to dominate the freshest Yeezy releases this Summer. The Yeezy Zyon and possibly the Yeezy Israfil are the Yeezy 350s set for this June. The month is also expected to witness the release of the Yeezy 380 Blue Oat and the Yeezy Quantum Barium on the 20th and 25th, respectively. But with COVID-19 delays and Kanye’s loopy Yeezy strategy, who’s to know what’s real till it happens?

Add Yeezy Zyon to your 350 Collection

YEEZY ZYONSpeaking of loops, there you have the Yeezy 350 line explained. With Yeezy’s subtle recreations of earth-inspired colorways, it sometimes takes a second glance to make sure of a pair! It happens with Flax and Linen. And it happened when we realized Zyon was Oxford Tan in disguise. Creative juices taking on solids, Kanye? This is when Yeezy results in “innovative” mashups of previous drops though. For instance, with Yeezy Zyon, we have an Oxford Tan/Static pattern mashup. And the Quantum Barium features 3 other Yeezys! Initially expected to drop on May 30, Yeezy Zyon will now release on June 13 for $220. With a resale value witnessing a surge over other 350 colorways, it’s reselling for an average $512 on StockX. And for $800 only yesterday!

(6/27/20 update): Yeezy Zyon will release soon on July 18)
(6/6/20 update: Out of respect for communities, Yeezy Zyon is pushed back to July instead of June 13. Keep posted for release date updates!)

Don’t Own a Sneaker Bot Yet?

Find out where the releases you want are dropping and you’re halfway there! Yeezys usually drop on Adidas and YEEZY Supply. As well as Shopify and Footsites. AIO bot is the #1 most steady bot on Footsites and is among the best sneaker bots you can run to cop sneakers. With 290,000+ user success stories, we’ve built a sneaker copping empire to help you build yours too! We scored the highest checkout number copping the Nike FoG 1 Triple Black on Footlocker. And dominated the latest Yeezy 350 Cinder to the point of giveaways! By only choosing AIO bot, you’ve founded your Yeezy empire and stood next-in-line to the West King. 

AIO Bot is Your Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere Bot

Planning to get restless on Shopify and think Shopify bots are key? While that may be true, AIO bot is an All-in-One bot that not only crushes Shopify releases but is steadily in stock for only $325. So you can buy it now and benefit from our extended free updates. Or wait to buy a Shopify bot on resale or restock…whichever comes first and blows past your sneaker goals. 

Get AIO Bot TodayProxies and Servers

What Are the 2 Types of Sneaker Proxies?

The crucial-to-botting-success duo that is set aside as “complicated.” Also known as proxies and servers. Which frankly aren’t rocket science. Here’s how it works with proxies. Since you, an ambitious sneaker copper, most likely need to hide your IP address and fire up multiple accounts to increase your copping chances, you are in need of sneaker proxies. Which are divided into two types:
residential & datacenter proxies

For high-security Yeezy sites such as Shopify, YEEZY Supply, and Adidas, residential proxies are the way to go. Since residential IPs are assigned to real residential addresses, security won’t view you as a threat and ban you. While datacenter proxies may be speedier, cheaper, and popular for their anonymity, residential proxies are the wiser option for copping Yeezys. Since less speed means less risk of getting caught and banned. And a unique address means a higher chance of passing off as human. And of course, the more proxies you use, the more pairs you can get away with at checkout.

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Sneaker Servers

Instead of fully relying on your overloaded PC that sends out over a thousand unrelated requests at once, rent out a
sneaker server optimized for copping sneakers only. 1 GB/s is the optimal network speed you’re aiming for. Think of all that tech space and power dedicated to copping the limited pairs of your dreams. While a sneaker server is perfectly attainable, you need to make sure to pick the right one. Meaning, LOCATION! 

Copping is stressful enough, especially now that the entire planet has switched to online. So using a sneaker server that is considerably close to the sneaker sites you’re copping from is key. Sending out requests on endless travels doesn’t end well in an industry that fast. So, overcome ping latency and choose smart.

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Keep Posted for Early Links!

Expect the Yeezy Zyon to drop on and YEEZY Supply. And keep locked to our blog for early link updates. Bot tasks, proxies, and servers won’t do you any good if you don’t know where to buy Yeezys!