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A Guide to All Yeezy Shoes: The Complete Timeline of Yeezy History!

By September 5, 2017June 17th, 2022Sneakers, Yeezy

Yeezy History - All Yeezy Shoes - AIO BotConsider this your initiation into ALL Yeezy shoes history. The complete timeline of Ye’s venture into the sneaker industry – from Checks to Stripes! Here’s the ultimate guide to a Yeezy timeline that (hopefully) won’t ever come to an end! This guide covers all Yeezys, all Yeezy models, and ALL Yeezy history. So, let’s jump right into it!

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So, a little backstory on all Yeezy shoes and a bit of Yeezy history. It all traces back to one man – Kanye Omari West aka Ye. The man who turned running shoes into an iconic part of high-end fashion and streetwear! This is the complete timeline of the Yeezy models developing over the years! 


The story of all Yeezy shoes truly begins with Kanye’s sneaker collaboration with Nike in 2009. A partnership that barely lasted for 4 years. However, during this time, Kanye came out with some of the most epic sneakers of all time. Starting with the Nike Air Yeezy 1 that dropped in the colorways: Blink, Zen Grey, and Net Tan. Did you know that a Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototype sold for 1.8 MILLION dollars?

If you take a look at their resale price on sneaker secondary markets, you’ll get a bit of a shock. These Yeezys resale for an average of $5,000 – more or less. This is the moment that cemented Yeezy’s status on resale. And, this is why Yeezys have some of the craziest resale prices in the world!

Nike Air YZY (2009) - AIO Bot

2012 – 2013

Later on, the line of all Yeezy shoes with Nike was nearing its demise. But, Kanye couldn’t leave without a BANG! In 2012, Kanye released the Nike Air Yeezy 2 line featuring Solar Red and Pure Platinum. Then, near the beginning of 2014, Yeezy released the Red Octobers. These mark some of the rarest Yeezys and some of the most expensive to buy on resale!

However, that was it for the partnership with no new Nike Yeezy models. But, it marked the end of Yeezy history with Nike and a future with Adidas. Kanye severed ties with Nike in favor of a 10 Million dollar deal with Adidas. A deal that promised full creative control and a 15% royalty. You can read more about the Nike x Kanye backstory here.

Air YZY (2012) - AIO Bot.jpg


YZY (2015) - All Yeezy Shoes - AIO Bot

So, the Adidas Yeezy journey begins in 2015. The first Yeezy to release with Adidas was the Yeezy Boost 750. These Yeezy boots are some of the most expensive Yeezys to buy on retail. People camped out at storefronts to get their hands on a pair. And they were right! Only one of these Yeezy models made a comeback on 2019’s Yeezy Day. And that was it! Never again.

Also, that very same year, the line of Yeezy 350s started with the release of four different colorways. The greatest of them all was the infamous drop of the Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove. The first Yeezys to ever release in kid sizing! But, no one could have anticipated just how BIG 350s will be or how many colorways he’ll drop. Including those that didn’t even release!

And, of course, we can’t forget about the post-apocalyptic Yeezy 950s with their waterproof rubber soles. These extremely industrial-style were made for zombie stomping for sure. We are guessing that Kanye predicted some kind of apocalypse. And, to be frank, 2020 was a close miss! These Yeezys are a gem for true Yeezy collectors since they never EVER restocked. 


In 2016, Kanye turned up the heat by revamping the design of all Yeezy shoes in the 350 models. He debuted his new design during Season 3 starting with the Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga. It came without a heel tab, a more structured look, and an emblazoned SPLY-350 on the side. Needless to say, they were a huge hit!

The year featured one of the most remarkable releases – the Core Black Pack that actually made a comeback in 2022. We had a re-release of the Oreo, the Core Black Red, and a new Dazzling Blue. These Yeezy models remain to be the most popular in all Yeezy history. So much so that it has been the attraction of a LOT of Yeezy dupes.

Believe it or not, the SPLY-350 has a very special meaning (according to internet legend). It stands for “Saint Pablo Loves You.” This makes sense considering Kanye’s clothing line features regular references to Pablo. Not to mention he just released an album with the title “The Life of Pablo”.

YZY (2016) - AIO Bot


YZY (2017) - AIO BotNext, we had yet another good year for the 350 Yeezy models. It included the Beluga 2.0, the infamous Blue Tints, and none other than Semi-Frozen Yellows. The Semi-Frozen Yellows went on to become the most limited Yeezys of all time. However, the year 2017 had its focus on a completely different model – the Waverunners.

This is where Kanye revolutionized the idea of chunky sneakers and revitalized the dad shoe trend again! The big and bulky Waverunners did not receive the warmest welcome. But, that never really stopped Kanye from dropping a shit ton of 700s!


Yeezy History (2018) - All Yeezy Shoes - AIO BotAnd then, came 2018 with another game-changing revolutionary change. This was around the same time that Nike’s partnership with Virgil Abloh started. It was new, it was different, and it was beyond EPIC – a true Yeezy competitor. So, Kanye had no choice but to kick things up.

He decided to do that by dropping the Yeezy 500… with no Boost technology, no Primeknits, and more bulkiness. Not exactly what we had in mind, Ye. The most valuable color of all the Yeezy shoes in the 500s is the Blush which restocked again in 2022! Other than that, it was a pretty chill year with a bunch of 350s and a few 700s. Basically, Kanye left the Off-White partnership to have its moment.

BUT, by December, Ye was ready to get back into action with the greatest release in Yeezy history. On December 26th, 2018 the first Reflective Yeezys dropped. Every time people consider selling out of Yeezys, Kanye brings them back stronger than ever!


Yeezy History (2019) - All Yeezy Shoes - AIO BotNext year, Kanye brought out his A-game. He ended the year 2018 with a BANG and had even bigger plans for 2019! The most genius part of it is that almost ALL Yeezy shoes of the year were basically revamped old Yeezy models! But, the most creative part is the marketing of these new sneakers. Going from limited sneakers worldwide to very limited sneakers dropping regionally!

All in all, you had the option to choose from over 33 pairs of Yeezys in 2019 – including the Biblical Pack! But, of course, not all Yeezys are made equal. So, don’t be surprised if you find some of these Yeezys selling for under retail on the aftermarket. It happens!

Near the end of the year, Kanye came out with the Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 ALIEN. The one that was supposed to be the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V3, but changed last minute! But, although they do share similarities with the 350s, hype and resale are not one of them! Click here to read more about all that went down in 2019.


YZY (2020) - AIO BotSo, the year 2020 had a lot going for it – especially with the releases of all Yeezy shoes. This was the year that featured the Yeezy basketball sneakers – aka the QUANTUM – and the epic FOAM RUNNER. However, it was also the year with the pandemic outbreak and lockdown with an impact on industries worldwide

But, we still got the regional trio, some new MNVNs, a LOT of Yeezy 350s, and more of the 380! AND, this was the year where Yeezy slides really HIT. They become infinitely more popular considering we were all living in athleisure. Yet, with everything going on, the main focus seemed to be on Yeezy restocks of some classic faves. This included the Triple Black 700 MNVN, some Quantums, and 350s like the Cinder and Flax! 


Adidas YEEZY_ 2021 (A) - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got the year 2021! Now this year was probably one of the most exciting in sneaker history. The world was opening up again, things were on the move, and the NFT craze was on the rise! But, it was also the year following Kim and Kanye’s divorce news and a whole lotta other shit! You can read all about it in detail here.

But, it was also the year that Kanye introduced a whole lot of Yeezy models! This included the new Yeezy 450, the weird 1050, and the strangest knit Yeezys. Also, this was the year featuring Yeezy partnerships like the D Rose or the strange GAP collab!

Adidas YEEZY_ 2021 (B) - AIO BotNOT AN EXPERT YET?

So, if you’ve made it through this lesson on all Yeezy shoes and stuck until the end, congratulations! You are now a certified Yeezy Expert. And, understandably, you may still have a few questions. Like where they are made? Or, how to resell them online? OR, how to buy Yeezys in bulk?

All of these answers and more can be found in our blog.

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