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New Yeezys – Is Kanye Delivering on His Promise?

By June 15, 2017January 14th, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

In December, Kanye West famously said that Adidas was ramping up production of new Yeezys, and anyone who wanted a pair of Yeezys would get one. Finally, no more sold-out-in-seconds releases. Well, in the months since, Adidas hasn’t confirmed or denied Kanye’s promise of increasing Yeezy stock numbers.

Instead, the only news sneakerheads got were more like rumors, speculations, and supposed leaks of upcoming Yeezy releases. The good news: If just a fraction of these sample sneakers is ever released, Kanye could very well make good on that promise.

So what’s next for the ultra-hyped Yeezy brand?

One thing we know for sure: A new Dark Green Yeezy 350 v2 colorway is coming in early summer. And it continues the trend of the minimalist Cream Whites that came before. The Dark Greens feature all the v2 features: Rope laces, a solid color Primeknit upper, the v1-inspired pull-tab, and the signature Boost soles. Now we just have to wait for the release details.

But after the Dark Greens, what comes next? There’s been plenty of speculation about new colorways and even a new model on the horizon. Here are some of the most hyped leaks that we’re hoping see the light of day.

Yeezy Boost Dark GreenNew Colorways of The V2 Yeezys?

Kanye has certainly taken the v2 look in a minimalist direction. With the Cream Whites and now the rumored Dark Green Yeezys, Kanye has chosen to eliminate the stripe from the sidewall and going with a single-color tone for the whole sneaker. A few leaked releases followed that tradition:

  • Yeezy 350 v2 Peyote

A few samples of this possible Fall 2017 release have been posted online, and that’s something to remember: At the moment, they’re only samples, and may never go into production like many unreleased Yeezys. So what do they look like? The Peyotes resemble the Dark Greens in style. If a production version matches the sample, they’d feature a light salmon-colored upper matched with an off-white Boost sole. Like the last two releases, they don’t feature a stripe.

Peyote Yeezys

Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Peyote

  • Yeezy boost 350 v2 Triple Black

Black is always a fan-favorite. And the first few Black yeezys were instant hits. Not that Yeezys would ever not sell out, but Blacks are just different. The rumored Triple Blacks share similarities, but rather than the black-grey pattern, they feature an all-black upper.  A few different leaked photos have been released showing a few different designs. So it’s likely a final design hasn’t been chosen.

Update: And though they took quite some time to actually release, the Yeezys made their debut in 2019 and they managed to light up the industry thanks to the reflective version.

  • New Yeezys –

One of the most recent leaks speculated a December 2017 release for the Yeezys Blue tint. Yeezy Mafia reported the news, and many have speculated that they’ll feature a vibrant colorway of blue, grey, and red. Unlike other Yeezy leaks, pictures haven’t yet surfaced for this one yet. Also, since a blue Yeezy pair hasn’t been released, it’s safe to say these will generate a lot of hype.

In the world of Yeezys, news changes every day. But from the number of leaked photos that are coming out, one thing is certain: Adidas and Yeezy are experimenting with a wide range of designs and colors. So maybe it is true; It might start getting easier for sneakerheads to cop Yeezys. But the more Yeezy versions drop, the more hype they gain, and the harder it is to cop them without a sneaker bot. 

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Will the Yeezy 650s See the Light of Day?

Future yeezys 650

We haven’t seen much out of the Yeezy world in terms of new models. There were the high-top 750s and the low-top 350s. Adidas and Kanye haven’t yet dropped a mid-top sneaker, but that might be changing.

Hidden in all the 350 colorway speculation, another tidbit emerged: An all-new Yeezy the 650s, which were unveiled last year but never hit retailers, may finally be moving through production lines. An image surfaced online of a pink mid-top 650, and it certainly shares similarities to its 350 brethren. The 650s feature the same Primeknit upper matched with a ribbed Boost sole. But the key difference is the height: The supposed 650s sit higher on the ankle.

Bottom line, more Yeezys are definitely coming. Unfortunately, we don’t know how fast and furiously they’ll be coming off the production line. Stay tuned to ANBbot’s blog for details about confirmed releases, tips for copping upcoming Yeezy releases, and all things sneaker news.

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