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Supreme x Yohji Yamamoto for a Cop-Worthy Edge of Tomorrow

By September 16, 2020Supreme

SUPREME YOHJI YAMAMOTO AIO FEATThe Japanese heat, as sneakerheads put it, has taken over Supreme’s fourth week this season. Can you believe it’s been a month since the Supreme basketball rolled into our lives? Well, so far Supreme has been holding off the excitement with Nike collaborations and hyped lipstick. Because this week, our anticipation drops down to gothic suspense! With the ghosts of My Bloody Valentine and Rammellzee from last season dropping some Japanese edge! Admired Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and artists like Peter Saville and Sancheeto define this week’s hype. And we are once again in awe of Supreme’s mood transitions!

Expect the Supreme Yohji Yamamoto collaboration to drop in-store and online on September 17th at 11 AM EST. We’ve been on a steady roll securing Supreme items for our users. So, if you haven’t updated your license key yet, you can still do it for free. This Supreme collaboration is one of the best this season. And can only be secured using one of the best bots in the game.

So do your research and make sure you’re spending your money where it’ll come back doubled or tripled.  And once you’re set on AIO Bot, click below to buy it now because Supreme FW20 is just getting started.

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Supreme Pipe Wrench at Your Service

Ridgid is a worldwide tools brand “Built for Those Who Know.” It created its first modern pipe wrench in 1923 and is teaming up with Supreme for a collaboration worth 97 years of success.

Supreme x Yohji Yamamoto

The following list consists of a Supreme Yohji Yamamoto tee, crewneck, and sweater. In addition to a down jacket and beanie. So far, they are the only items on the list without original artwork labels. Meaning, they don’t display artwork by collaborative artists. So, if you’re into the “idea” of this collaboration and not so crazy about its gothic appeal, these co-branded items are the way to go.

Artwork by Yohji Yamamoto

The man’s a dark aesthetic legend with an androgynous taste in fashion. You can be whoever you want to be when wearing Yohji Yamamoto. And Supreme reserved the rights to his genius this week to give us a branded taste of universality. But as you know, the streetwear brand doesn’t just throw a regular collaboration without extra glam. Which in the case of the two Tees below is a personal touch shooting straight from Yohji’s fingertips! 

The first Tee is a sketch of an observant wolf and the second is a self-portrait by the legend himself!

Artwork by Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a British graphic designer who evolved as an artist in his hometown, the city of Manchester. His edgy artwork and symbolic portrayal of civilization and nature have made him popular in both fashion and music.

The Tee and shirt displaying a pink daffodil with the caption “This Was Tomorrow” represent a literary connotation. Ever heard of William Wordsworth’s “Daffodils”? Well, it’s a romantic poem that revolves around the mind’s association with nature, memory, and thought. Which the irony in “This Was Tomorrow” accompanied by the daffodil flower manipulates perfectly.

The second Saville artwork of Supreme’s choice is the thermal image of a car. With a “Game Over” caption this time. The two works combined trigger end-of-the-world jitters that we all carry around inside of us but are too afraid to face. Ergo Supreme’s terrific potential!

Artwork by Sancheeto

Sancheeto is a striving graffiti artist with a knack for mischievous face and occult drawings. Since we can’t exactly call the sketches at hand portraits. At least not in this world. The horrific figures print their DNA on this week’s Supreme winter apparel. It’s almost hard to believe that only two years ago in FW18, Sancheeto lent his puppy motif to a Supreme vest.

Other Supreme Items [FW20 Week 4]

If you’re not particularly interested in owning or reselling Supreme x Yohji Yamamoto apparel and want to play it ghost-free, here’s the rest of this week’s list. Nothing too special down here except maybe for the beanies guaranteed to match any outfit on a rainy day.