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Zion Williamson Shoe – Jordan x Zion 1 in NOAH and MARION Release!

By May 11, 2021November 29th, 2022Jordan, Sneaker News

Zion Williamson Shoe - Gen Zion 1 - AIO BotZion Williamson, the New Orleans Pelicans star, is the very first Gen Z basketball player in history to sign a sneaker deal with Nike Jordan. For some reason, anyone scoring a deal with the Swoosh’s sub-brand seems to channel Jordan’s rebel spirit – including young Zion himself. The day Zion broke out his retro pair of Banned Jordan 1s back in 2018, was the day his life changed forever. The dude literally wore a pair of Jordans to a high school game sponsored by Adidas – badass. Three years later, the Jordan brand announced the signature release of the all-new Zion Williamson shoe, the Zion 1.

He is the 7th player, after Michael Jordan, to have his own signature shoe. But, he is the 2nd player, after Carmelo Anthony, to get his shoe at the age of 20! What’d you do by the time you were 20?

The Zion Williamson shoe is a shoe fit for Batman himself – Zion’s favorite superhero! So, it is definitely not a sneaker you wanna miss out on. With Gen Zion 1 Black/White and the glow-in-the-dark ZNA colorways already released into the sneaker industry, you’ve still got two more chances to cop yourself a Zion – with NOAH and MARION. It is for sure a sneaker you wanna add to your MILLION dollar sneaker collection. Here’s everything there is to know about this Zion release!

Zion Williamson Shoe of the Century!Zion Williamson Sneakers - AIO Bot

The signature Zion Williamson shoe collection features 5 different colorways – two that have already dropped. It includes the Gen Zen 1 Black and White which portrays Zion’s view of a solid base and foundation, dropped on April 23rd. Then, we got the ZNA glow-in-the-dark Zion, dropped on May 5th. But, now we’ve got even cooler Zion shoes on the way! The NOAH and MARION colorways dropping this May!

The shoes feature flexible padded tongues with one-of-a-kind stitching that help give it that snug Jordan fit without adding too much lace pressure. Also, Nike hooked them up with full-length Air Strobel units with an additional bottom-loaded Zoom Air unit for more cushioning. It sounds like sneaker heaven to us! Funny enough, the soles of the sneaker take inspiration from Zion Williamson’s truck! So, the design provides more stability and traction to instill the idea of functionality and innovation. It’s all about positions for Z!

Speaking of Zs! Let’s not forget about the Z on the lateral side – drawing strength from the powerful letter! It is a superhero’s sneaker. For real. Batman would definitely be tryin’ to cop these kicks!


ZionWilliamson NOAH - AIO BotThe nearest upcoming Zion Williamson shoe is the multi-colored NOAH colorway that sheds light on the incredible relationship between Zion and his little brother Noah. It all started with Noah’s visit to the Nike headquarters, and that’s why the sneakers feature a lot of his different doodles! It sports the same build as Gen Zion 1, without midsoles and a black base underneath the colorful doodles.

The Zion 1 NOAH drops on May 19th, 2021 for a retail value of $120 in full-family size on the SNKRS App and select retailers! Make sure you stay tuned to our blog for more information on the drop prior to the release! You don’t wanna be stuck on the aftermarket with NOAH – especially with a raging average resale value of around $320!


ZionWilliamson MARION - AIO BotThe last part of the Zion Williamson shoe collection is the Zion 1 MARION that represents Z’s home in South Carolina and pays homage to his roots. We like this guy, we really do – such a wholesome fellow. This Zion 1 shows the true value of family, friendship, and hard work! The Zion shoe features Hyper Pink accents with Beetroot red and a Metallic Silver color scheme. It seriously exudes strength!

The Zion Williamson shoe MARION shoe drops on May 26th, 2021 for a retail value of $120 in full-family size in the Nike Store! We’ll make sure we keep you up to date with any possible changes in the release. It is a MUST cop sneaker for the year. It is already bringing up the heat on the resale market with the average resale value going up to an average of $570! Talk about insane resale!

Until then, happy copping! Maybe you should give the new Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0 or go for a Lebron with the new Dunk High EMB. Get your copping game on, get your resale going, and then cop a Zion feast!