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Presidential Kicks in the White House: When Sneakers Get Political!

By September 15, 2023Fashion, Food for thought

Presidential Sneakers AIO BotIt’s pretty normal to see all types of sneakers in random social settings. You know, whether you’re on the basketball court, coffee shop, or even the red carpet, you can spot sneakers! We can even tell what your favorite shoe probably is by the state you’re from. Now, ONE place we never thought we’d see a pair of kicks is the Oval Office. But well, there’s always a first time for everything! So today, we’re gonna check out all the times sneakers made an appearance in the White House. From the Air Diors to the Panda Dunks, that’s the sneaker politics we dig. Let’s check ‘em out together now peeps!

Sneakers in the White House: President Edition

Let’s start our list with the head(s) of the states! Here are some memorable moments during which US presidents added drip to their fits. Mind you, not all of them are INSIDE the White House, but they sure as heck got the press on their toes. From Obama to Clinton, here are our favorite presidential sneaker moments.

Barack Obama: Presidential Spiz’ike and Stan Lee

This sounds trippy, we know, but back in 2012, Stan Lee paid a visit to the White House. That was during Barack Obama’s tenure, and we know the man has a basketball background! So naturally, Jordans were a part of his footwear interests. That’s probably why Spike Lee gifted the then-president a pair of Jordan Spiz’ikes that hadn’t dropped on the market yet! The presidential Spiz’ikes came in a special woodgrain shoe box. While this is a cool moment in sneaker history, it’s not the only time we saw Obama in kicks doing his thing.

Barack Obama Spike Lee Jordan Spizike

Bill Clinton: President Runs Not Runs for President

If there’s anything that ex-president Clinton was famous for, it’s his running hobby. And when you regularly go for jogs, you need the right kicks to match. So, outside the Oval Office, you would stumble upon Clinton wearing a pair of New Balance or Asics kicks! I mean, if people saw him now, he’d be the trendiest on the track with the surge in NB popularity.

Bill Clinton New Balance

George H.W. Bush: OG Presidential Sneakers Right There

Yes, you read that right. Nothing like the early 90s to make sneaker statements. And that’s exactly what George H.W. Bush did. Some argue that he’s the real deal when it comes to sneakers in the White House! And that’s a well-earned title, especially when it comes to the PE Air Max 90 he owned. These babies had “Air Pres” on the side, so it really can’t get better than this… Well, if only Nike pulled an Air Force 1 pun, that would’ve topped the AM90 PEs.

George H W Bush Air Max 90 PE AIOWhen the Hottest Kicks Showed UP!

Some would say that wearing a pair of sneakers in the White House is a dress code violation. We say: Let a sneakerhead COOK! And what’s better than some real-time proof to show that kicks belong anywhere? Here are some occasions during which sneakers stole the show. Talk about a political agenda.

Air Diors Steal the Show During Inauguration Day!

Nobody would have paid any attention to Kamala Harris’ niece’s husband on Inauguration Day if it wasn’t for the kicks. Nikolas Ajagu turned heads when he strolled into the Capitol building in the Air Dior 1s! The news immediately went viral, almost faster than the president himself, no joke. If you wanna know the full extent of what went down, check out Complex’s interview with Nikolas himself!

Nikolas Ajagu Air Dior 1 AIO

Travis Kelce Sends the Panda Dunks to the White House

One of the perks of winning the Super Bowl is that the winners get to visit the White House and meet Mr. President! And the Kansas City Chiefs did just that in 2023. So, Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, shows up in a poppin’ red suit, and none other than the Panda Dunk Lows. One thing we can say here… The man surely knows how to dress to impress!

Kamala Harris Is a Converse All-Star Girlie!

If you followed the presidential race in 2020, then you probably noticed Kamala Harris’ footwear during the campaign. From black low-top Converse to the classic white high-tops, Harris certainly proved that she loved these classics. And it wasn’t just a political stunt to appeal to young voters. She previously talked about her love for Converse in an interview with The Cut!

kamal harris converse all star AIO

So… How Do Presidential Sneakers Affect the Industry?

Well, there are two ways people would look at this. Some think that kicks in a formal environment is a no-no, a cheap shot, and more. Others disagree and argue that sneakers still look good with suits. And well, you know where we stand about all of this. Whether you wanna wear them with loungewear or a suit, styling kicks will always be fun to do! So make sure you know how to score your kicks for retail if you wanna dress up and show up!