11 Tips for Increasing Your Sneaker Copping Power

By April 21, 2017 July 30th, 2020 Bot

You’ve got your sneaker bot set up for launch day. You’re monitoring early release links. Now, you wait for the latest sneakers to drop.
Is that enough? Not really. A sneaker bot will increase your chances, but it’s only one tool. You will need more than that to boost your copping power.

Remember, the last Yeezy release sold out in minutes. On launch day, literally every second counts. If you’ve got a slow connection, you might miss out. Take too long solving Captcha – too bad, you’re missing out.

So what can you do? Aside from an advanced sneaker bot like AIO Bot, there are a bunch of tricks that can help you speed up your check-out on launch day. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind. But before you get tangled up in your magician cop act, click here to know EVERYTHING there is to know about the sneaker industry you plan to outsmart.

1. Use A Virtual Private Server

1A VPS can be thought of as a cloud-connected computer. You set up a VPS with the software you need on it, and you can connect remotely via the cloud. A key benefit: A VPS maximizes your computing power. For example, if you use an older computer, with limited RAM or disk space, a VPS allows you to tap a virtual desktop with almost endless RAM. Speed is the key.

Virtual servers are also great if you have a low-speed internet connection, or if you’re located far away from the website you’re trying to cop from. For example, if you’re based in Europe, and want to cop from Adidas US, your computer will have to ping multiple servers, before reaching the Adidas site. A VPS allows you to rent a virtual desktop nearby the copping site’s servers.

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2. Proxies for Multiple Accounts

You don’t want just 1 pair of Yeezys; you want a dozen in different sizes and colorways. To do so, you’ll likely be using multiple accounts. Unfortunately, most cop sites ban users that are trying to make multiple purchases from the same IP address.

Proxies solve this problem. Essentially, it’s a point between your computer and the cop site’s servers. By sending each account through a proxy with its own IP address, you won’t have this problem. Fortunately, AIO Bot already has a proxy feature; you can learn how to use it here.


3. Use a LAN Captcha Solver

LAN Captcha Solver is a new AIO Bot feature designed to help you solve captcha faster. Essentially, the feature shares the bot’s Captcha Solver on your home’s local area network. In other words, anyone in your house can help you solve Captcha, shaving precious seconds off your cop time. Even if you’re using auto Captcha, we recommend this feature.


Now, with sneaker sites adding more security layers and measures on every limited drop, you need a bigger boost to your copping power. And AIO Bot’s been working on a new ground-breaking solver for the reCaptcha V3 on Adidas. And the same way AIO Bot was the pioneer in introducing the latest technologies in automation and sneaker copping it still is now.

4. Use a Captcha Solving Service

With AIO Bot, you’ll have to solve Captcha manually, if the site runs it. On launch day, you’ll be solving over and over again, until your sneakers are added to the cart. Captcha solving services like 2Captcha or Anti-Captcha help you solve captcha faster.


5. Follow ANB/AIO On Twitter

If you’re running AIO, you need to know about last-minute updates. Running the latest version will give you the best chances for copping. You’d hate to miss a launch day update, only to miss out. Sign up for tweet notifications as well, to be safe. ANB’s Twitter page also tweets out launch info – which is super useful. (AIO Bot’s Twitter is another great source.)


6. Two Software Licenses


Running more tasks can increase your copping power and chances. But there’s a point at which an overload of tasks will cause your connection to lag. The solution: An extra AIO license. This will allow you to run AIO on two different devices and split up your tasks. You’ll also have a back-up if something goes wrong on one of your devices.

7. Assign Tasks to Different Sites

Using your bot on one website is gambling! What if the site has ultra-limited stock? Or it crashes during a release? You’re screwed. The good news: You don’t have to risk it. Instead, run the bot on all sites and split your tasks between them in small amounts (10-15), if more than one site is dropping at the exact same time.


8. Cop Multiple Sizes

You can aim for a single size, but once that size sells out, you’re not getting your hands on the release. What can you do? Set tasks for a range of sizes, so that you won’t be left out of the latest release. If you’re copping multiple sizes, though, be sure you’re varying your accounts, to avoid getting banned.


You can add up to 100 tasks


Note: Adidas tasks only – Instead of creating multiple tasks with different sizes, you can add them all under one task by using the “&” symbol in the size field.

e.g. I wear 10 but 9.5 and 10.5 fit well. So I can do 9.5&10&10.5 in the bot size field instead of just 10 to increase my chances. If I want to add 10 and 9.5 I can enter 10&9.5 in the bot size field.

Check more detailed instructions about Adidas tasks here.

9. Use Multiple Billing Profiles

Sites regularly cancel recent orders from the same person. But you can avoid the dreaded canceled order. It’s easy: Use different credit cards if you’re using more than 1 account. And vary your shipping address, i.e. Ave à Avenue. This will also help if a site refuses your card, due to a problem with the card.


10. Check Out Manually

You’ve made it all the way through your order, but then it stalls at checkout. This might happen due to a site crash, for example. But you have the option to check out manually if this happens. Essentially, once an item has been added to your cart, if it doesn’t go to checkout automatically, right-click the “added to cart task” and select “checkout manually.” This will take you to the check out page.

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11. Use the Right Tool

Depending on the release, you might have to change up your bot. For example, if you’re trying to cop Yeezys on the Adidas site, you have to run HMAC tasks. Plus, you must be sure you’re using your sneaker bot correctly. Start by reading and following the task set-up instructions, watch our videos, or shoot us an email. This will make sure you’re setting up your tasks properly for each release.

hmac destroyer aio logo

A sneaker bot is a super-helpful tool on release day. But it will only get you so far. For starters, you have to be sure you’re using the bot correctly. Plus, additional tools like a VPS, proxies and captcha solvers will make you faster – which is super important on release day.

If you’re still searching for the right sneaker bot for you, you might be interested in AIO Bot. AIO Bot holds one the highest success rates and copping power in the sneaker game, in addition to being one of the fastest bots to check out on every release. And with a market-average retail price, this could be the bot you were always looking for.

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Happy copping!

Tried out some of these tips? Let us know which one worked for you.

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