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Do Free Sneaker Bots Actually Work on Sneaker Releases?

By May 24, 2018November 4th, 2021Bot, Sneakers

Free Sneaker Bots - What to Know - AIO BotSo, you wanna start copping limited-run hyped sneakers, but you’re BROKE! This is probably how you stumbled across the term FREE SNEAKER BOTS online!

What’s the deal with free bots, anyway? In essence, they’re supposed to be shoe bots that you can get for free. DUH! Sounds a bit fishy, right? We think you’re honestly better off making your sneaker bot than going for a free one. 

Most people claiming to offer you a bot for free are either clickbait, a Craigslist scam, or just talking about some urban legend.

Lots of people think sneaker bots are expensive. Mainly if your first experience with the best bots includes insanely unrealistic retail prices, you can get reasonably-priced bots that do the same thing as the expensive ones! With bots like AIO Bot, you can get everything you need without breaking the bank. You’ll get to cop sneakers like Yeezys, Jordans, and Nike Dunks, in addition to limited items such as Supreme. Check it out yourself before trying to go for free bots – better safe than sorry!

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Why Are They Expensive?

Sneaker Bots for Sale - AIO Bot

The thing that sets apart free sneaker bots and other bots are the constant work against anti-bot security. You see, sites that hold online releases (like Footsites, Shopify sites, or YeezySupply) are constantly making changes to their websites. This is to confuse and fight bots. Here’s what a real bot has to offer:

  • Protection against anti-bots
  • 100+ supported websites
  • Fast and efficient
  • Guaranteed cashback
  • Over 80% effective 

Another thing you should know about botting is that it can cost you. It’s not just about getting a free sneaker bot. Sneaker copping needs sick proxies to run multiple tasks and a savage server to carry the load. When you go for a decent bot, at least you’ll pay for a whole customer support team to help you through every release, keep your bot updated, and get you out of any tough spot!

Free Sneaker Bots For What!

Adidas Yeezys - Guide to Getting With Yeezys - AIO Bot

Sometimes free jigs that bypass a splash page market themselves as free sneaker bots. You may or may not ever cop anything with them – it’s all your and your luck! Even someone giving away free bots puts a DISCLAIMER that it will not have a high success rate. What would a free sneaker bot offer?

  • Instant ban from any retailer you hit
  • Gets kicked out by anti-bot security
  • Crashes, lags, and tons of Ls
  • Below average efficiency
  • Definite waste of time

Programmers who have developed the top-rated bots out on the market today are usually decently paid for their blood, sweat, and tears – LOTS of tears. So, why would anyone give that hard work away for free? Kinda sus, right? It’s possible to have access to free sneaker bots if it’s a free trial only.

In short, do free sneaker bots work? The answer is: no.

The best and most cost-efficient thing is to go for quick flips in sneaker reselling and invest in a good sneaker bot. Or, you could even rent a sneaker bot on Bot Mart or Tidal if you aren’t in this for the long run! 


Never use your real bank account for charges – use a credit card or privacy card to protect against cancellations, especially if you’re using free sneaker bots with zero credibility or proof. 

Take it from us; the only SAFE, free sneaker bot is to cop without a sneaker bot. No cap.