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Yeezy Foam Runner Red October Vibes All the Way [Yeezy Vermilion]

By July 31, 2021July 14th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Red - Vermilion - AIO BotWe know that the Yeezy Red October is a very sensitive topic to the OG veterans of the sneaker industry. This is because a very VERY tiny group of sneakerheads got to cop potential when it first dropped. It marks the brief partnership between Nike and Kanye back in 2014 – before Adidas Yeezy was a thing. We’ve been waiting for anything, a tiny WHIFF of Red October, ever since! This is why the Yeezy Foam Runner Red Vermilion is a breath of fresh Yeezy air. See what we did there?

We know it’s not Red October. That’s a Yeezy restock we don’t expect to happen. But, it is an all-red Yeezy Foam Runner. Completely unprecedented. Not only is Kanye known for his monochromatic colorways. But, he is known for his muted monochromatic colorways! So, this might be the most vibrant Yeezy yet!

A premium slip-on sneaker is definitely what we need this year. Looking back at all the Foamies so far, the closest we’ve come to vibrant is Ochre! And still, this new Yeezy Foam Runner Red Vermilion tops them all!

What’s a Vermilion?

Vermilion Adidas YZY Release - Front View - AIO BotWe know we’ve learned not to question Yeezy colorways and the names that Kanye gives to them. It’s a relief that his kids got to have normal names… Well, kinda. BUT, this red Yeezy Foam Runner has a name that actually makes sense!

The Yeezy Vermilion colorway name comes from the vibrant red tones named after a red pigment. This pigment comes from powdered mineral cinnabar. Now, that seems like a bunch of words that don’t have meaning to us. But, CINNABAR is actually a toxic mineral. Now THAT makes sense.

Red Yeezy Foam Runner In Action!

Vermilion Adidas YZY Release - TOP View - AIO BotThe new red Yeezy Foam Runner isn’t anything different than the others when it comes to general construction. It’s got the same EVA-based foam construction as the Mineral Blue, and the same circular perforations as the Moon Gray.

These Foamies have all the same features as the OG RNNR. In short, it’s a pretty cool take on sustainable sneakers. At first glance, Foam Runners do give off a Styrofoam type of vibe! But, they’re one of the most epic breakthroughs in ethical fashion

A red Yeezy Foam Runner is a DEFINITE cop for us! And we know that the race to grab a pair is going to be a savage one. So, you don’t completely mess it up, use this guide to check out your FOAM RNNR size! Ironically, this Yeezy Red October throwback drops in October!

Kanye has a twisted sense of humor. No cap.

Yeezy Foam Runner Red Vermilion - Release - Side View - AIO BotRelease Date: October 29th, 2021
Retail Price: $80
Average Resale Price: $354

Where to Buy the New Yeezy Vermilion

Yeezy Supply

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When the Yeezy Foam Runner first came out it KILLED it. And now, it has an average resale value of around $500 – note that it retailed at $75. And, the thing is, those who copped Ararat at that time were people with savage sneaker bots. The extra speed and efficiency gave all those sneakerheads a cutting edge. That’s literally how bots work! The rest got caught on the aftermarket.

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