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SECRETS of the Sneaker Industry: Exposing the Global Sneaker Market

By August 11, 2021July 14th, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

Sneaker Market - Sneaker Industry - AIO BotThe sneaker market or sneaker industry is an ever-growing BEAST that sneakerheads and sneaker brands come together to FEED!

Okay, that sounds a bit intense. But, we can’t deny the fact that the sneaker market is an undeniable giant of an industry. You know that industry is truly a formidable one when it develops its own culture. The sneaker culture is the past, present, and future of everything related to sneakers. Sneakers have become commercial assets while still being personal fashion statements and cultural commodities.

The sneaker industry is definitely like some kind of secret underground organization or a billionaire’s sneaker club. This means that there are definite secrets to the entire sneaker trade completely influenced by this tight-knit community. What are these secrets? Why is it so popular? And when did it start?

Also, what we really wanna know is how do people make SO MUCH money from it?

When Was the Sneaker Industry Born?

Shoe Bots in History - AIO BotWell, to be honest, history was never our favorite subject. But, when it comes to the sneaker industry, we most definitely like to dig deeper. So, there’s only really one way to pinpoint the age of the sneaker industry. And the answer is: ageless!

More like VERY old. The sneaker industry might just be as old as humans themselves. In other words, the game began when people finally decided that walking barefoot just wasn’t doing it for them anymore! They needed SHOES. We needed shoes.

Are we saying that the sneaker market was born in the prehistoric era? Yes. Yes, we are.

Of course, it wasn’t much of a market at that time. People were just trying not to starve to death at that time. But, it was the kindling to the burning fire of the ongoing evolution of our industry! The industry has a current estimated value of around 70 BILLION U.S. dollars.

How Much Is the Sneaker Market Worth? Numbers on Industry Value - AIO BotIf there’s one thing that speaks volumes it’s numbers and statistics. And although they might seem pretty difficult to analyze, we’re here to break them down. The worth of the sneaker industry in 2021 has reached an increasing value of around 79 Billion dollars – according to Statista

The industry titans include Nike, Adidas, Skechers, and New Balance with a longer list of underrated sneaker brands. This is not even based on Athletic Footwear designed for sports purposes. This is just about athleisure footwear – the ones we can’t get enough of!

If you take a look at the bar chart above, you can see that the sneaker market only keeps on growing. So much so that it is expected to reach a value of 102 BILLION dollars by 2025. Furthermore, the sneaker resale market itself has a value of 30 Billion dollars! There’s money EVERYWHERE in this game!

The sneaker industry is how brands make their money. The sneaker resale market is how WE make our money.

Making Money in the Game

How to Be a Sneaker_Reseller - AIO_BotThere are three reasons anyone would be interested in the sneaker industry:
1. You’re in it to flex all the limited-run, hyped sneakers in the game
2. You want to start a sneaker collection
3. OR, you want to make money

The sneaker resale market, just like the sneaker market, is not slowing down anytime soon. So, a word to the wise, if you wanna make some extra cash; join in the game! Sneakerheads make money EVERY day either through sneaker side-hustles or different money-making hobbies. It’s so much easier than a 9 to 5 job or taking extra shifts! You literally do it from home.

This is why so many people are joining the ranks of sneaker resellers. Once you know which shoes to sell and where to sell them, that’s it! If you wanna learn more about becoming a sneaker reseller, click the button below. You can thank us later. We prefer cash or checks.

Learn-moreSneaker Market Hit by the Pandemic?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that the sneaker industry is untouchable. 

Here’s the thing. The sneaker market thrives essentially on the hype. The hype comes from celebrities or other influential organizations. So, there has to be some kind of interaction to keep the fire going. Do you know what we mean? It’s all about sneaker collaborations, different marketing strategies, and events. 

You’d think that a pandemic would be able to bring down an industry that heavily relies on these things. But, on the contrary, the industry was able to find an advantage out of it all! The most rapid growth in sneaker reselling happened during lockdown! People were trying to keep busy by working on their sneaker business.

The more people sold sneakers, the more people bought sneakers, and the more brands came out with sneakers!  Buying sneakers online has never been easier. This just goes to show that the sneaker industry is only going to keep on growing.

Join the sneaker market today. And make it rain.