The All-Time ULTIMATE Best Sneaker Bots in the Entire Copping Game!

Whether you’re a veteran sneakerhead, or you’re just starting out; one thing’s for sure: you need the best sneaker bots.

We’ve been in this game since the year 2014 – so, you can technically say we’ve seen it all! But, true sneaker copping success these days can NOT come from anything other than sneaker botting. Even if you master the art of copping sneakers manually, what are the odds you’ll beat the other bots? Because, let’s be honest, there are TONS of botters out there copping all the same releases. In short, it all comes down to a shoe bot, and – more specifically – the right shoe bot!

Also, when it comes to becoming a sneaker reseller and making money, you can’t afford running risks. Let us demonstrate. People who made money off of sneakers like the Travis Fragment Jordan threesome publicly complained about bots eating the stock! What about those who made $2500+ on the Trophy Room release, you think they copped without the best sneaker bots? Heck no! It just doesn’t work that way!


In other words, this means that you’ll need to find THE best sneaker bots to make a living. It could be your side hustle or your permanent source of income if you want! But, we’re not gonna lie, you’re going to need a few other things too.

This isn’t like buying and selling NFT sneakers online. You can’t just expect your bot to cop the entire stock, and then you just resell them! You’re gonna need a few more things to actually cop sneakers in bulk and make tons of money. So, here’s what you’ll need:

Proxies – the right type for every site you’re buying sneakers from.
A cook group membership to keep you in all the upcoming drops and copping guides.
A remote server (optional) if you’re dealing with a laggy internet connection. Or, maybe a piece of junk kind of PC or Mac, you’ll NEED a server.

However, before you buy anything, you have to find the best sneaker bots in the game and invest in one! You have to find one that suits your budget, has HIGH performance and is IN STOCK! So, if you’re dead-serious about this and willing to give it all you got to cop and resell sneakers. Check this list of the best sneaker bots currently ruling the game.


So, here’s the thing: new bots join the sneaker botting game ALL the time! Therefore, finding the ultimate best sneaker bots might be a bit tricky. There’s no telling how they’ll perform or how fast you’ll get your cashback. But, that’s where we come in! We’ve got a list of all the best sneaker bots currently running the game. We got sneaker bot prices, where to buy bots, and more!

Best Secondary Markets for Sneaker Bots:
Bot Broker
Tidal Market

PS: There’s no order in which we ranked the bots. We picked the bots based on performance, features, and price.


First, we’re going to start with truly one of the best sneaker bots in the entire game – AIO Bot. Now, you might think we’re being biased, but we’re actually completely honest about this! It checks all the boxes! For starters, it is one of the oldest sneaker bots in the industry (since 2014) and it supports ALL sites. That’s why it’s called an all-in-one bot – it does it all!
Shopify sites
– Every Footsite out there!
– And, demandware-hosted websites like Adidas and Yeezy Supply

AIO Bot is also one of the most straightforward bots to run and set up if you’re a beginner. Also, at $325, AIO bot is one of the most affordable bots out there. AND IT IS IN STOCK – a very rare feature amongst bots! Plus, keep in mind that despite all the ups and downs in the copping game, AIO Bot is always up-to-date.

And, if you check our success page, you’ll see the 300,000+ checkouts on tons of limited, hyped releases. We bagged the Yeezy Vermilion, ate the stock with the Electro Orange Jordan 1s, and got tons of Yeezy slides. We let the numbers do the talking here. And you can be a part of that success too! It’s all just a click of a button away – check it out yourself!


Next, we’ve got Wrath Bot – another one of the best sneaker bots on the field. Wrath Bot launched back in February of 2018 and has been pretty consistent with good success! Of course, as is the case with any bot, there might be dry spells! But, it happens in an industry as big as ours! Wrath Bot works best on Footsites although it is also an all-in-one bot.

Also, Wrath Bot costs $350 for the first three months with a renewal fee of $50 per month. This is very affordable as well. HOWEVER, it is out of stock! This means you can only buy it off the secondary market for around $3350. Yes, that’s a lot of money to pay for a bot! But, with all the releases dropping, you can definitely get your cashback.


Next on our list of the best sneaker bots, we’ve got MEK AIO Bot. This is another successful all-in-one bot that you should consider. MEK AIO works best on Shopify sites and Demandware-hosted sites. But, on the bright side, this bot supports both Windows and macOS. Although you can always make that work with any other bot – click here.

MEK AIO Bot retails for $300 with a renewal fee of $45 per month. Also very affordable. But, here’s the catch! There’s always a catch. It is also OUT OF STOCK. But, you can still grab a copy off for around $1000+ on resale markets. Lately, though, it hasn’t been one of the top-performing bots when it comes to Footsites. So, if that’s what you’re aiming for, you may not wanna go for it.


And, we’ve got Cybersole – one of the most in-demand and best sneaker bots in the game. But, a lot of this hype comes from the money you can make from their CYBER KEYS. A Cybersole key could flip for up to $900+ which is a cool way to make some easy cash. But, tough luck trying to get one in the first place considering it is also OUT OF STOCK. 

They recently launched the Cybersole 5.0 available for updates for their users! Cybersole works best on Footsites and Supreme! Pro tip: you can always opt for the rental solution. In the same way, you can resell sneaker bots; you can rent them off specific platforms and sites. Learn more here!


Also, yet another one of the best sneaker bots – or best all-in-one bots – is Valor AIO. Valor joined the game around 2018 and started out with a lot of potentials. It did not disappoint! It supports all websites, But Valor AIO works best on Footsites! Valor AIO retails for $299.99 for the first 3 months and then has a renewal fee of $74.99 per month. But, guess what? It is also OUT OF STOCK and requires that you join a waitlist! However, they do random restocks on their Twitter so check them out!

As for group buys, they DO offer group buys. BUT, to their exclusive cook group partner – @CarbonIO which also requires a waitlist. Time is literally money in this game.


Next, we’ve got Kylin Bot, one of the newer bots on our list of best sneaker bots. Kylin was one of the up-and-coming bots of 2020 that runs on both Windows and macOS. But, if you visit their Twitter page you will clearly see that it is also SOLD OUT. Kylin Bot works really well on Footsites (if you can get your hands on a copy!). However, they do announce restocks on their Twitter page. But, you gotta be like sneaker-bot-fast!

It retails for £300 (about $400) and has a renewal fee of £125(about $170) for 6 months. But, seeing as it is not available for sale, you can’t pay retail. You might find listings for Kylin Bot for around $4500 and maybe even some backdoor action. But make sure it is from a reliable cook group. Or, just opt for a more affordable, in-stock option from this list!


Moving on, we’ve got Ganesh Bot – one of our best sneaker bots for EU-based sites. Ganesh supports Footlocker EU, Footsites, Finishline, Solebox, and many more. But, as you can expect, Ganesh Bot works best on Footlocker EU and Footsites. However, if you are a US citizen wanting to make use of this bot, you can check reshipping services. With extra fees, of course!

As you might have noticed by now, Ganesh Bot retails for £550 (around $680). And, it has a renewal fee of £100 (around $135) for 3 months. Pretty pricey! But, it does have a resale price of around $1800+. So, it might not seem too expensive after all. 


WhatBot – AKA @whatbotisthis – is another all-in-one bot joining our list of best sneaker bots. It runs on both Windows and macOS. BUT, it is an invite-only sneaker bot. No group buys, no begging for invites… nothing. They don’t even like doing giveaways, fam! WhatBot began in 2017 and retails for $30 per month! SUPER cheap. But, what’s the point of a cheap sneaker bot if you need someone from the inside to invite you in?

WhatBot works best on Footsites. And also, you can NOT resell this bot on the aftermarket. So, this is basically all up to your sneaker connections in the game.


Finally, we’ve got NSB Bot – AKA @nikeshoebot. This is also currently one of the best sneaker bots in the game. But, don’t be fooled by its name – ironically, it is NOT a Nike bot. So no, it does not cop Nike. But, very much like AIO Bot, NSB works on Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and the works. And, on a surprising change, it is IN STOCK! Well, what do you know!

NSB Bot retails for $499 per year that you can renew after a whole year of copping. NSB works best on Footsites and even Supreme!


But, are these the ONLY options you got? Well, no! You see, the more time passes, the more sneaker releases we get. And, the more changes we see in the best sneaker bots rankings and performance. One bot that dominated every release last month could go completely MIA this month and the other way around. It is how it is! So, here are other options of bots that – at some point – were all the rage!


Dragon AIO Bot was once one of the BEST sneaker bots to take over the copping game. But, sneakers bots rise and fall every day. Now, we’re not claiming that Dragon AIO is completely dead. But, it also kinda is. If you head to BotBroker to check out the latest asks on this bot, you will find none! Keep in mind that Dragon AIO had a resale price of around $8000 with a retail price of $1000. Their Instagram also says “No Restocks Planned”. So… dead?


Kodai AIO is a good Footsites bot that retails for $175 for the first two months then $59.99 renewals. BUT, it is also out-of-stock and kinda hard to find these days. You might get a better shot at looking for it through Discord servers or cook groups. However, it will definitely cost you at least a kidney.


EasyCopBots is a Footsites bot that – at some point – was very BIG right out of Beta testing. However, Easycop’s performance on Footsites is quite remarkable for a relatively new bot. As for MONEY, ECB holds the retail price of $600 per year and is available for you to buy whenever you need to.


Finally, The Shit Bot – one of THE best sneakers bots for Nike. Nike SNKRS bots have always been a significant part of the industry. Scrolling through TSB Twitter, you can tell it performed very well. But, may be going through a rough patch at the moment. But, all great bots pull through eventually! It also retails for $999 a year. Nuff said.

As you go through this list, you should consider that the sneaker industry is ever-growing. And this growth calls for new bots to join every season. But while some might not look as fancy as the OG sneaker bots, they might be just as successful. And sometimes even more promising. You must keep an open mind and heart! AND, keep it locked on our blog for all the latest updates on the best sneaker bots!

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