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Adidas NMD Sneakers: An Overview

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  • November 3, 2016
Adidas NMD Burgundy F&F

Adidas NMD
Adidas is one of the oldest shoe brands in the world, but it manufactures futuristic sneakers. NMD is an example of innovation at the company. More specifically, NMDs are a line of Adidas sneakers manufactured using Boost and Primeknit technology. The company created NMDs with new materials and processes, but with long-standing design concepts. Currently, NMDs are some of the most sought after sneakers in the world. In fact, these shoes are so popular among consumers that marketers from rival shoe brands feel intimidated by their level of success. Here is a comprehensive overview of Adidas NMD sneakers.

NMD Colorways


One of the best things about NMDs is that they come in a variety of colorways. You can choose a specific colorway that suits your personality, lifestyle, and fashion sense. For example, you can get the new colorways launched in October 2016. Each pair comes with a suede heel cap and a Boost-designed outsole. You can buy them in yellow and light blue. You can also buy them in royal blue and deep black or maroon and bold navy. Remember, more colorways exist apart from the ones mentioned here so the selection is really interesting.

NMD Collaborations


Pharrell x adidas NMD Human Race

Shoe companies benefit greatly from collaborations with music celebrities and prominent athletes. For instance, Adidas benefited from its collaboration with Pusha T and Kanye West. Sometimes, people would only buy shoes because footwear companies collaborate with such artists. Interestingly, NMDs started without collaborations and they succeeded. However, Adidas began collaborating with Pharrell Williams, a highly successful music producer, in recent months. The collaboration resulted in “The Pharrell-X Adidas NMD Hu Collection”. Adidas dropped five additional colorways from this Hu Collection on September 29th 2016.

New NMD Releases

Getting a pair of these shoes is difficult because Adidas produces only a few of them every now and then. The company released bigger packs for women and men sometime after February 2016. Currently, Adidas is planning to release new NMDs that do not have laces. The company may reveal these shoes to the public in spring next year. The demand for these NMDs will be high just as it was for other NMD shoes. Remember, NMDs became available in stores outside the US on 12 December 2015. That is an indication of Adidas’ strategy to restrict the availability of these shoes because demand for them will be too high. Fortunately, it is possible to get your hands on a pair of these shoes. With the right tools and assistance, you too can own a pair.

Other Qualities to Consider

As you can probably tell, Adidas NMDs are considered to be some of the best sneakers in the world and that is why people love them so much. They are especially good for travelers. It is important to note that NMDs are flexible, compressible, and light. You can easily carry them anywhere you want to go. For example, being compressible means that you can squeeze them into a suitcase with ease. While this may not be a crucial factor for every customer, it is a notable characteristic. High-quality, rare shoes such as these are sometimes only worn for special occasions or specific events. People do not want to wear them all the time and risk damage. Instead, they carry the issues with them and put them on when they have arrived at their event. This may seem a bit unorthodox to some people. However, it just further proves how valuable and respected these shoes have become. In response to this fact, Adidas provides a design which makes the shoes easy to pack and carry.

How do I get a pair?

This seems to be the question everyone wants answered. Because Pharrell William’s NMDs are so rare, it is challenging to actually buy them online manually. It requires patience and the ability to pounce precisely when the opportunity arrives. In addition to the assistance of a major sneaker bot. If you are serious about owning a pair of these sneakers, we can certainly help. Feel free to contact us or visit our homepage or Another Nike Bot website for more information and assistance.

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